Planted in 2011, Warwick Allotment Society took over the running of a growing space on campus which was established in 2009. A grant in summer 2012 from NUS Student Eats has helped us blossom and we now have numerous raised beds, a 10 x 4.5m polytunnel of wonder, and two P-E-A-utiful cold frames.

In our weekly sessions, we do everything from digging drainage ditches to planting potatoes or even fashioning scarecrows out of recycled clothing. Of course, we allotmenteers love to cook something nice from the vegetables, fruits, and herbs we harvest - so come prepared to exchange delicious recipes! We also schedule the occasional workshop, speaker event and harvest festival. But it's not all work! (In fact, none of it really feels like work.) We Allotmenteers love to go on adventures; for example in 2013, we visited two inspiring community growing projects and incorporated valuable advice into our allotment.

The Allotment Society loves to see new shoots and help them grow so if you love vegetables and want to get involved in growing them, drop us a line (puns are optional) via email or Facebook.

We hope to see you on Wednesdays! We meet at 2pm during term time, and 5pm during Unvieristy vacation.


Where you can find us:

When you come from Central Campus, go down the road past the Health Centre; it will take you to a nice pond with (sometimes not so) friendly ducks and geese. Turn left; on the right you will have the pond, on your left you will pass Jack Martin and Arthur Vick. When you have walked past the pond, you will be able to see the Allotment on your right. Alternatively, when walking down the road towards the Health Centre, you can walk in towards Arthur Vick and Jack Martin before you reach the Health Centre. Carry on, and you will be able to turn right and walk across a meadow between Jack Martin and Arthur Vick to reach the Allotment.


Have a look at our blog to find out what we've been doing (With photos. So worth a look!)


Also visit our facebook page to see what we're currently up to!


We have spent most of our moeny this year on equipment for the allotment and a little on catering for events. We still expect to spend more this year from our grant on visits/trips to growing projects at the end of the year (vehicle hire, petrol money, and tour fees)




Society: Allotment - Equipment Purchase £34.02


Society: Allotment - Event Food & Drink Costs £12.68


Admin Costs £5.00



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