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Fetish Society

Fetish Society

Welcome to Warwick Fetish Society!


Ever been curious about what BDSM actually involves? Had a question about kink but nobody to ask? You've come to the right place!

Warwick Fetish Society is an inclusive and accepting community aiming to encourage safety, consent, and destigmatisation of BDSM and fetish activities. A 2005 survey by Durex found that 37% of UK respondents had used "masks, blindfolds, and other forms of bondage" as part of sex, yet BDSM is still not widely accepted in society. We believe everyone should have somewhere to express themselves without fear of judgement, and to learn about how to safely engage in their interests.


Socials: We usually run weekly socials for our members which are great for getting to know each other in a non-kink-focused environment. While conversations do sometimes stray onto BDSM related topics, we spend most of the time chatting about entirely unrelated things, and you don't have to divulge anything you're not comfortable telling people. We don't publicly disclose the locations and times of our socials for privacy reasons but instead, details are posted in our private Facebook group and Discord server (see "How to Join" if you're not in either of these yet).

Educational Events: Every forthnight we hold an educational event. Sometimes these take the forms of talks; Recent talk topics have included Consent & Negotiation and An Introduction to Impact Play, and we're always open to new ideas! Our talks are usually followed by a related discussion and occasionally a trip to the pub (non drinkers welcome).Other times these events take on a more interactive format such as our 'negotiation games' or kinky quiz nights!

Bondage for Beginners: A couple of times a term, we transform a university lecture room into Warwick's very own rope bondage workshop. Taught by experienced members of our exec, our hugely popular Bondage for Beginners classes will teach you the basics of how to safely tie up your partner, and how to safely get tied up - the latter is more complicated than you might think! Rope and safety shears are provided, no previous knowledge is required and you're very welcome to sit at the side of the room and observe from a distance if you don't fancy getting involved yourself.

Film Nights: Ever wondered how well the media represents the BDSM subculture? FetSoc film nights are a great way to explore this! One of our first film nights was a screening of Fifty Shades of Grey, accompanied by a lively discussion of its many entertaining flaws. Not all films we show are related to kink, however - previous showings have also included more general films.

How to Join

To be able to join our private spaces, please note that you must be a current student of Warwick University and over 18.

Only the exec can give out Discord invites, so if you want to join you will need to ask. This may feel like a bit of a faff, but the main reason is to make sure that our spaces remain safe and that each others' privacy is respected.

We have 2 friendly online community spaces in the form of a private Facebook and Discord server. We use this to advertise any private information such as the location of our socials, and they are also a great avenue through which to chat to members of the community online. If you're unfamiliar with Discord, don't worry - we all were at first! We can talk you through setting up an account.

There are a couple of ways you can contact us, and we check all of them so feel free to use whichever you're more comfortable with.
Please make sure that you give us a way to get back into contact with you so we can follow up and give out invites :)

Email us! - Send us an email at warwickfetsoc@gmail.com
Message us! - Message our public FB page at https://www.facebook.com/warwickfetsoc
Fill in the Anonymous Joining Form! -  Use our google form to submit your interest at https://forms.gle/pnDathK1NXDnjDTg6


Any Questions?

Contact us via our email, Instagram or Facebook page! We should be able to get back to you within a few days at most. You could also use our anonymous question form: https://forms.gle/Eqd1KCpMPY2jexMd8. Just make sure to give us a way to contact you back when you fill it in!


We are not a dating forum. Please do not join expecting us to provide matchmaking services, or to harass or stalk our members.

Due to the nature of our society, you must be 18+ to attend our events or join our community.


  • Current constitution

    A copy of our current constitution.

  • Template for Motions

    A motion is submitting a proposal of a change to the SU or a societies constitution. Motions are very important and can have a lasting impact on the society in years to come. If you would like to submit a motion please follow this template.

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