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Hi, I’m Vash and I’m your VP for Postgraduate for 23/24.

My role is dedicated to being your advocate and ensuring that your university experience is the best it can be. I'll actively address matters that directly impact your education and time at the university, such as the challenges posed by the rising cost of living for postgraduates. You can count on me to champion your interests, so stay tuned to our website for the latest updates on our postgraduate campaigns!

We have fantastic spaces right here on campus tailored to meet your needs. The Postgrad Hub, situated on the second floor of the Junction Building, and the Wolfson Research Exchange on the third floor of the library (specifically designed for postgraduate researchers) are wonderful places to connect and study.

You automatically become a member of the Warwick SU when you enrol at the University, which enables you to join societies and sports clubs, and provides the opportunity to make your voice heard through our democratic structures and academic representation. You also benefit from access to free, confidential support via the Advice Centre. Remember that Warwick Students' Union is dedicated to serving all students, including postgraduates, and the best part is that all our services are accessible to you free of charge.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me anytime you need assistance, have concerns, or simply want to chat. I'm here to work passionately on your behalf, and I genuinely look forward to crossing paths with you during your time at the university. Let's make your postgraduate journey here truly unforgettable!