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Thu 27th January

PG Officer's Office Hour
27th January 12:30pm - 1:30pm
Drop in to talk to your PG Officer, Nathan, or contact them via email.
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CALLOUT: #WeGetConsent Volunteers and Contributors

Can you help make a difference and contribute to a safe and positive environment here at Warwick, by supporting our #WeGetConsent campaign? Find out how you can get involved.

We stand together against transphobia

We stand together against transphobia

In our roles as representatives at Warwick SU, we stand in solidarity with the trans and non-binary communities, and their allies, protesting at the University of Sussex.

This statement explains why.

Hidden Disabilities: Misconceptions About Autism (guest blog)

It’s currently UK Disability History Month, 18th November – 18th December. This year, one of the themes is ‘hidden disability’. Michael, an autistic student at Warwick, has written this blog tackling some common misconceptions surrounding his hidden disability.

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