Wednesday Afternoons Free

Wednesday Afternoon Free banner

We want the university to implement a comprehensive and inclusive Wednesday Afternoons Free policy, so that students can be free to pursue their extra-curricular passions and enrich their Warwick experience.

Every Wednesday afternoon, students are missing the chance to...

  • attend BUCS fixtures,
  • meet up with their society,
  • undertake volunteering opportunities, and
  • enrich their university experience outside of their timetables.

How you can help

We need to show the University how many students are in support of Wednesday Afternoons Free, and why. Please sign the SU's open letter which states

We, the undersigned, fully support and endorse the aims of the Students’ Union’s “Wednesday Afternoons Free” campaign, and call on the University of Warwick to engage proactively and constructively with the SU on this issue which is crucial for student experience at Warwick.

We believe that the university experience is about so much more than just getting a degree. Alongside our academic studies, students should be free to pursue their extracurricular passions, discover new interests, build friendships and develop themselves personally whilst at university.

Whether it’s sports, societies, volunteering, part-time work or campaigning, students should not have to choose between extra-curricular activities and their degree. Yet as it stands, the University’s current policy around Wednesday afternoons is forcing many of us to do just that.

The SU’s “Wednesday Afternoons Free” campaign is pushing for an inclusive policy which frees up Wednesday afternoons from academic commitments so that as many students as possible have the space and time to pursue their passions and interests. The 3 key demands of this campaign are:

  • No lectures or seminars after 12pm on a Wednesday.
  • Implementation of an authorised absence system for all students representing the University in a competitive sporting fixture.
  • Inclusion within this policy of all taught students on a campus-based, full-time majority course of a length of a year or more.

We believe that if the University’s current policy was amended in these ways, it would have a hugely positive impact on the lives of many students here at Warwick.

We support the “Wednesday Afternoons Free” campaign, and we encourage all Warwick students, societies and clubs to do the same!

You can view the signatories of the open letter here.