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Summer Elections - Nominations
21st April 9am - 5th May noon
Make your mark!
Student Voice
Motion Deadline for Student Council #5
24th April noon - 12:01pm
This is the deadline to submit motions for the fifth and final Student Council of the year on 09/05/2023.
Student Voice | Student Council
Impact Assessment for Student Council #5
25th April noon - 2pm
Impact Assessment is where your motions are scrutinised before they go to Student Council or All Student Vote.
Student Voice
Summer Elections - Voting
8th May 9am - 12th May noon
Make your mark!
Student Voice
All Student Vote #3 - Meeting
15th May 5pm - 7pm
Oculus OC 1.05
The third and final All Student Vote meeting of 2022/23 - all students are welcome to attend to hear out proposals and discuss, ahead of voting.
Student Voice | ASV
All Student Vote #3
16th May 9am - 19th May noon
The third and final All Student Vote of the year - where you have the opportunity to vote on issues that matter to you, directly. After a meeting open to all students on Monday, voting is open from 09:00 on Tuesday until 12:00 on Friday.
Student Voice | ASV
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