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Warwick Students’ Union Advice Centre is a free, professional, independent, and confidential service. We aim to provide students with high quality advice, information, and representation. To do this we are required to record and maintain details about you and your case in accordance with our Privacy Notice. Please click on the link for further information about how we will treat the information you give us.

Everything you share with us will be kept confidential unless we consider there to be a risk to your safety or the safety of others.

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Please make sure that you have filled in all fields with '(required)' labels. Note that if you are not redirected to the receipt submission page, your form has not been submitted.

If your enquiry is time sensitive please submit an enquiry and an advisor will respond within 2 working days (excluding weekends)

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What do I do if my enquiry is urgent?

The Advice Centre operates; Monday to Thursday 9am-3pm and Fridays 9am- 3pm. We do not operate evenings, weekends, bank holidays or closures. The best thing to do is complete and submit the enquiry form during our opening times, sharing as much information about your circumstances as possible. We aim to get back to students within 48hours but sooner if your enquiry is urgent. When the Advice Centre is closed you can contact the Community Safety Team on 024 7652 2083 in an emergency, if you or someone you know is in immediate risk please call 999.
Emergency contact information

How soon will I receive a response?

We aim to respond to all enquiries within 48hours (except when we are closed or during our busy periods). We prioritise urgent enquiries first. Please submit an enquiry with as much information as possible or book a face-to-face appointment with us.

What type of appointments do you offer?

We advise by telephone, Microsoft Teams (video calls) or offer face-to-face (in person) appointments. The quickest way to speak to an advisor is to submit an enquiry form. In person appointments will depend on appointment availability.

I have a meeting with the University and I need some help?

Please submit an enquiry sharing the details of the meeting invitation you have received from the University. We can advise on your options, we can attend with you (if we are available), or request the meeting be rescheduled for a later date so we can attend with you. You can request the University to reschedule the meeting until you have had an opportunity to speak to your advisor.

Do you advise parents and friends if they get in touch?

The Advice Centre is a confidential service. We will not disclose any information about your case to anyone without your consent. This includes, parent, the university, friends or third parties.

Can I book an appointment if I'm not in the UK or not on campus?

You do not need to be on campus or the UK to arrange an appointment with us. We offer telephone and Microsoft Teams (video) appointments as well as in person appointments. When submitting an enquiry please let us know your preferred method of contact.

Where do I come for an appointment?

The Advice Centre is located on the 2nd floor of Warwick Students Union HQ (WSUHQ). If you have a pre-booked appointment, please report to WSUHQ reception where you will be directed to the Advice Centre.

What reasonable adjustment can you make?

The Advice Centre is wheelchair accessible. When submitting an enquiry please share information about the adjustments you are seeking and we will assess the reasonableness of your request. If we are unable to meet your request, we will provide an explanation of why we were unable to meet your request and advise on your options.

What if I wanted to see a male or a female only advisor?

Please request this when submitting your enquiry. We will try our best to meet this request, however we can’t always guarantee or promise this. If we are unable to meet this request, we will let you know in advance of any appointment and advise on your options.

I'm concerned about my friend can you reach out to them?

Due to GDPR we cannot contact a student without their consent, however if you are concerned about the welfare of a friend you can request a welfare check from Well-being Services. If your friend immediate safety is at risk contact Well-being Services during work hours or Community Safety on 024 7652 2083 after work hours.

I've got nowhere to live tonight what do I do?

We can assist in getting you short-term emergency accommodation during work hours through Warwick Accommodation (University’s accommodation team). You would need to contact Community Safety on 024 7652 2083 out of work hours.

I have no money for food what do I do?

We can assist with foodbank vouchers (a 3-day food supply) from a local Food Bank up to 3x as an emergency short-term solution. We would assess your circumstances and advise on your options, this may include applying for an emergency loan or hardship fund.

I submitted an enquiry but haven't heard back from the Advice Centre?

Please check your junk, sent, personal email and your warwick.ac.uk email account for our response. If you have not received a response, we would kindly ask you to resubmit your enquiry letting us know when you submitted your enquiry. We can assess the reasons, check on our system when we had sent a response to you and advise you on your options

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