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Hidden Histories series seeking contributors

Sat 12 Dec 2020

Warwick SU’s Hidden Histories alternative lecture series seeks to explore often-erased stories of oppression and resistance. It gives a platform to academic narratives and discourses which are often neglected or even deliberately erased from mainstream curricula, and opens these discussions up for students from any and all disciplines to access and engage in them.Read more

Responding to the endemic issues of sexual violence, harassment and domestic abuse

Wed 09 Dec 2020

As a student community, we are actively building safer and more inclusive spaces. We're proactively educating ourselves and others about consent, and are responding to the endemic issues of sexual violence, harassment and domestic abuse by empowering our community with the knowledge, skills and confidence to intervene.Read more

We're Celebrating Pride Week in Week 9!

Fri 20 Nov 2020

This Pride Week we’ve compiled some great opportunities to engage with LGBTUA+ history, inclusion, and education!Read more

Trans Awareness Week

Tue 17 Nov 2020

In celebration of Trans Awareness Week we've organised events to progress trans education & inclusion work at Warwick.Read more

Safe, high quality, accessible teaching for all

Fri 06 Nov 2020

All students should be able to engage with quality teaching & learning in a way that allows them to learn effectively and feel safe doing so. We have been working with the University to represent you on this basis, and want to share with you some of the actions we have taken.Read more