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Your Union

Warwick Students' Union

The Students’ Union is the focal point of campus life here at Warwick. Here are a few basic facts about what we do…

"Positively impacting students' lives at Warwick and beyond"
- The Union's Mission Statement

Warwick SU is a charity

Upon enrolling at Warwick, every student automatically becomes a member of the Students’ Union. We exist solely to provide services for our members – that means every single one of you!

Warwick SU and Warwick University are completely separate entities

Although we receive an annual grant from the University and work closely with them, we are an independent organisation which is here to represent your interests on a local, regional and national level.

Warwick SU is democratically-run

Each year, a team of 7 full-time Student Officers is elected by the student body to represent you and to help oversee different areas of the Union's activities. Find out more information and contact your Officer team here.

Warwick SU is a self-sustaining operation

All the revenue we bring in gets divided up between different areas of the organisation to ensure that we’re able to provide a wealth of services for the student body.

Warwick SU runs nightclub events, bars and food outlets in order to fund student services

These include…

  • Democracy
  • Academic Representation
  • Campaigning: local, regional and national
  • Opportunities: jobs & volunteering
  • Student Advice Centre
  • Over 300 student-run Sports Clubs and Societies!

Warwick SU's commercial outlets are…

  • The Copper Rooms
  • The Terrace Bar
  • The Dirty Duck
  • The Bread Oven
  • Curiositea
  • The Green Room

Prices in these outlets are kept as low as possible to provide students with the best value on campus. Warwick SU does not make a profit - any surplus revenue generated goes back into the pot to fund our student services. The more you support the Union during your time here at University, the more it will give you in return. 


Warwick SU is NOT linked to:

  • Warwick Arts Centre
  • Rootes Grocery Store
  • Varsity
  • Library Café
  • Fusion
  • Pret A Manger
  • The Uni Express

Any money spent in these outlets goes to either the University or the respective companies involved.