Academic Representation

Here at Warwick, the Academic Representation system ensures you have a say on your educational experience here at the University.  The Students’ Union supports student reps and University staff in order to establish an effective partnership with the power to make change. Our aim is to ensure that the student voice is heard, discussed, and acted upon.

A number of students are elected as Course Reps to represent you. Once you give your feedback to your Course Rep, they then discuss this with the University at a Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC). This can then create constructive changes to your course, such as receiving specific learning resources, improvements to timetabling, or continuing something on the course that you enjoy!

Here at the University, our Rep system encourages all channels of feedback and communication to be supportive and accessible to all, allowing you to have the best student experience possible.


Your Course Reps

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Undergraduate - Science Faculty
Postgraduate - Science Faculty
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