Student Council

What is Student Council?

Student Council is your Unions highest student decision making body. It is where your ideas and motions are discussed, debated and voted on which helps lead the direction of the Union and your Student Officers. 


When is the next Student Council Meeting?

Autumn Elections - Nominations
12th September 9am - 7th October 9am
Make your mark!
Autumn Elections - Voting
10th October 9am - 14th October noon
Make your mark!
Motion Deadline for Student Council #1
17th October noon - 12:01pm
This is the deadline to submit motions for the first Student Council of the year on 01/11/2022.
Impact Assessment for Student Council #1
18th October noon - 2pm
Impact Assessment is where your motions are scrutinised before they go to Student Council or All Student Vote.
Student Council #1
1st November 4pm - 7pm
Kevin Gately
The first Student Council of 2022/23 - where your elected representatives come together to vote on the issues that matter to students.
All Student Vote #1 - Meeting
7th November 5pm - 7pm
Oculus OC 1.05
The first All Student Vote meeting of 2022/23 - all students are welcome to attend to hear out proposals and discuss, ahead of voting being opened.


Student Council Minutes

Who attends Student Council?

Any student can attend Student Council and voice their opinions on the topics being discussed. However, Council has 28 set members who are expected to attend meetings, they are the:

These 28 members are voting member which means that they are the only ones in Student Council meetings that can cast votes on the matters being discussed. However, Student Council when deciding on your ideas and motions can choose to send it to an All Student Vote. This means that every student at Warwick can have their say and vote on the idea/motion.

Upcoming Student Council Motions 

  • TBC

These motions details can be found on the Council papers, which you can find here TBC