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All Student Vote

It's time for you to have your say.

The All Student Vote (ASV) is your chance to debate and vote on the ideas and motions your fellow students have submitted. These can relate to all the different aspects of the student experience from whether your lecturers should use lecture capture to the environmental work the Union and University do. 

Current All Student Votes

Below you will be able to see the topics of any currently active All Student Votes and cast your own vote. Remember, you need to log in using your University ITS username and password to see the motions and cast your vote!

All Student Vote (Spring 2023)

Your Students’ Union is student-led meaning that we put you in charge of deciding, and becoming, your future student leaders. This could be leading your group, class or even the whole Union so Make Your Mark and lead the direction of the future of our Students' Union.

Disaffiliation from NUS (Over Failures of Alleged Bigotry)

To mandate Warwick SU to disaffiliate from NUS UK over failures of alleged bigotry. 

Replace Menus in SU and University Outlets with 50% Vegan Options

A motion for 50% vegan food options available at all SU outlets.

Motion to Take a Stance Against the Development of Autonomous Weapons

For Warwick SU to lobby the University of Warwick to publicly pledge to not knowingly contribute to the development of autonomous weapons. 

Warwick SU Supports Student Welfare During Strike Action

The SU to support students who have been made to feel intimidated as a result of the strikes and for students to have access to all the course resources they would have access to in a typical year, and for the VP Democracy and Development to lead a campaign to make clear to students that they are well within their democratic rights to choose not to support striking staff. 

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