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Mon 28th September

Disabled Students Welcome Event
28th September 3pm - 4pm
Meet other disabled students, both new and returning, and find out more about the community, plans for the year ahead, and what's on offer at Warwick for disabled students!
Freshers' Sex Ed
28th September 4:30pm - 6pm
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LGBTUA+ Taskforce membership

As part of the recruitment for new members to the LGBTUA+ Taskforce, we’re inviting expressions of interest for the positions of postgraduate students' representative, and the student co-chair.


As a global institution, the University of Warwick has a duty to confront its colonial past and acknowledge the violent colonial legacies of figures that are celebrated on campus. Radcliffe Conference Centre is named after Cyril Radcliffe, the first Chancellor of Warwick University, who was also responsible for drawing up the borders in 1947. The new borders that were imposed led to the death and displacement of up to 16 million people.

Campus Pride 2020 July Schedule

Now a collaborative project between 42 students' unions from across the UK, the Campus Pride 2020 project continues to organise events into July and August.

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