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(In)Accessible University

All aspects of university life should be accessible to every Warwick student, regardless of (dis)ability. Here you can let the SU know about aspects of university life which haven't lived up to that ideal, and check back on progress for others.

  • Accessible toilet without a red pull cord, or a cord that's tied up or too short?
  • No blue badge parking near your lecture or office?
  • Text in images, inaccessible to a screen reader?
  • Counter not at an accessible height for a seated user?
  • No lecture capture for a specific module or course?

We encourage you to report accessibility issues to the relevant University department (where relevant/possible) in the first instance.

If you would like our support addressing an accessiblity issue, please report it to us via this form or email us via campaigns@warwicksu.com.

Reported issues

Issue Status Updates
Accessible entry route doors locked by E0.23 In progress  
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