Safe Place banner

Safe Place Scheme

This scheme is not yet live. Information below is subject to confirmation.

The Safe Place scheme provides a network of safe harbour locations on campus and its surroundings areas, providing access to emergency support, signposting to reporting & support services, and a safe place to wait following a violent, hateful or harassing incident.

If you have experienced a violent, hateful or harassing incident you can head to a Safe Place to:

  • Ask for Campus Security to be called (if needed).
  • Request emergency services such as police, or an ambulance (if needed).
  • Explore your options for reporting the incident (if you wish to).
  • Access resources about SU, university, local and/or national support services.
  • Have a safe place to wait a while.

Safe Place locations

Each Safe Place prominently displays a sticker that looks like this:

Safe Places include SU HQ reception, the Arts Centre box office, Nightline, the main gatehouse, and many food & drink outlets. The location and opening times of each Safe Place are shown on the map below.

If you have any questions about the Safe Place scheme, please email