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Hate crime in the UK has risen to disturbing heights. Together, we want to increase hate crime reporting rates and tackle hate.

Find out more about the impact of reporting, how to report hate crime/incidents, and support available here.

Home Office national hate crime figures show rises between 100% and 400% for reported hate crime/incidents over the past 6 years, and we know that underreporting is still a factor.

Motivating factor

Rise in hate crime over 6 years (%)





Sexual orientation     




Trans identity


Are you a member of one or more of the liberation communities? Don't forget to check our liberation community hubs for related news, events & resources.

Hate Crime Reporting Ambassadors

Network of people

We know that people who have experienced a hate crime or incident often feel more comfortable reaching out to someone within their community.

We want to equip members of our communities with the knowledge and skills to support their peers, from what support services are available to the options for reporting hate crime and incidents.

Find out more about hate crime/incidents, the impact of reporting, reporting routes, and support for victims here.

Become a hate crime reporting ambassador by attending the next training session.

Third Party Hate Crime Reporting Centre

Advice Centre logo

We recognise that many of our students. particularly those within the liberation communities, don't feel safe working with the police.

The SU Advice Centre and Wellbeing Support Services have been set up as third party hate crime reporting centres, to provide you with an alternative to reporting hate crime/incidents directly to the police.

Find out more about the impact of reporting, reporting routes, and support for victims here.

Canley Shuttle Bus

Shuttle bus

Due to a number of reported hate crimes and incidents in the Canley area, we understand that some students feel vulnerable travelling in the local area.

If you live in Canley, or have to travel in the Canley area, there is now a free university-run shuttle bus from campus serving the local area.

The university have also worked with Coventry City Council and the police to identify safer walking routes in the local area.

Bystander Intervention

SARV illustration

Bystander intervention education equips people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to intervene safely in situations such as hate crime and sexual violence. You can sign up for active bystander courses here.

The SU piloted the Intervention Initiative (a bystander intervention programme) at Warwick in partnership with the PAIS and Law departments in 2016/17 and 2017/18. In 2018/19 the SU and IATL worked in partnership to consult student and staff stakeholders and to develop a plan for embedding bystander intervention education into the curiculum and wider student experience for all Warwick students. As a result bystander intervention workshops were part of the Welcome Week programme for the first time in 2019/20, and the Active Bystander Intervention course was opened to undergraduate & Masters students from any subject area.

[Image credit: MSU SARV Prevention Programme, Liv Bishop]

Education & Awareness

Black History Month

To educate and raise awareness of the issues facing our communities we organise campaigns and programmes of events such as:

  • the Black Liberation Project
  • Black History Month
  • the Trans Students' Campaign
  • Trans Awareness Week
  • Islamophobia Awareness Month
  • the LGBTUA+ Students' Campaign
  • Pride Week
  • LGBTUA+ History Month
  • the Disabled Students' Campaign

Canley Community Safety

Canley Community Centre

We work with partners in Canley, such as the Canely Stakeholders Group, to improve the safety of the local area for both student and non-student residents.

We are currently supporting Canley's Planning for Real project, which empowers local student and non-student residents to plan improvements to their local area.

Going Out, Staying Safe

Going Out Staying Safe header

Our Going Out, Staying Safe research project uncovered disproportionate levels of harassment against members of our liberation communities on nights out.

We're working with local venues to improve staff training and implement schemes such as Ask for Angela.

We are also part of the partnership group for the Leamington Street Marshals service, which aims to support students on nights out in Leamington.

If you'd like to get involved with the Tackle Hate campaign, or would like to share your ideas for future campaigns with us email campaigns@warwicksu.com.