50% off Domino's Pizza with no minimum spend, only
50% off Domino's Pizza with no minimum spend, only

The WasteLess directory is a quick reference guide to our resources for reducing your waste, from food waste to textiles!

Reducing Food Waste

Colourful vegetables
  • Reduce your food waste by reading our tips on how to buy less, eat what you have and freeze the rest in our Not For The Bin campaign.
  • Reduce your end-of-year food waste by following our waste reduction tips for Moving Out Without Losing Out.
  • Donate unopened longlife food to support local food banks via the donation point in Rootes Grocery Store.

Not-so-fast Fashion

Second-hand clothes hanging on a rail

Supporting Local Charity Shops

Person browsing a charity shop clothes rail

Support our local charity shops by donating your resaleable goods, such as:

  • Clothing & shoes
  • Books
  • Pots, pans & crockery
  • CDs, DVDs & BluRays
  • Games
  • Electrical goods

Share your waste reduction tips with us by emailing campaigns@warwicksu.com