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Recorded Lectures

Want your lectures recorded?

1. Talk to your lecturer

Nothing beats just talking to your lecturer. Have a chat with them before or after the lecture and ask if they wouldn't mind recording their lectures. Explain the numerous advantages for students (and lecturers) and why it would be helpful for your studies to have the lecture recorded. If you don’t fancy talking to them in person, perhaps send them an email.

Dear lecturer,

Would you consider using lecture capture to record your lectures?

Having lectures recorded means that myself and other students are able to catch-up with missed lectures, and revisit the full content during revision later in the year.

[Include your own experiences here, such as of missing a lecture and attempting to catch up without lecture capture, or of the benefits you experienced of having another module's lectures recorded.]

Thank-you for your time,


2. Contact your Course Rep

Send an email to your Course Rep and ask them to bring it up at your course's SSLC meeting. There it will be discussed with staff from the department and raised at the department's staff meeting. It’s vital it’s included on the agenda and minutes of the meeting. You can find out who your course rep is and how to contact them here.

Raising recorded lectures at an SSLC is vitally important as it will be minuted and seen by the University and the SU. The minutes are used to compile the SU’s annual report of issues brought up at SSLCs which is then presented to the University. The more meetings recorded lectures are discussed at, the greater the evidence that this is something students want.