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Reshaping Sport

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Reshaping Sport is a campaign designed to make sport as diverse, inclusive and accessible as possible for people of all abilities and identities.


What is Reshaping Sport?

Students, both postgrad and undergrad, continue to face barriers towards getting involved in sport. For some these may be the financial implications, the marginalisation of underrepresented groups, the overtly competitive nature that the word ‘sport’ seems to imply, or the perception that sport is only for the athletic.

This award-winning campaign (BUCS TakeAStand Award 2018) represents a collaboration with the University, Warwick SU and liberation groups, Warwick Sport and active leagues, and local sports communities in Coventry and Leamington to change the perception of sport, and to encourage our students to reshape sport to suit their needs.

Kicking LGBTUAphobia Out of Sport

Rainbow laces photo

LGBTUAphobia in sport presents a significant barrier to LGBTUA+ people engaging in sport, from homophobic language to trans-exclusionary NGB policies.

To combat this we:

  • Run trans-inclusive sport workshops for sports clubs annually, to help them run trans-inclusive clubs.
  • Organise sport taster sessions for the LGBTUA+ communities.
  • Distribute pronoun badges to clubs, to help members normalise the non-assumption of pronouns.
  • Run a trans sport programme, including swimming sessions in the new Sports & Wellness Hub.
  • Lobby NGBs to update their trans athletes policies to enable trans people to compete in their chosen gender.
  • Distribute Stonewall's rainbow laces, for a £1 donation, through SU HQ Reception.
  • Lobbied the university to include gender-neutral changing facilities in the Sports & Wellness Hub.

Show Racism the Red Card

Show Racism the Red Card card

Racism both on and off the pitch can make sport an inhospitable environment for ethnic minority students.

To combat this we:

  • Run workshops for athletes to tackle racism in sport.
  • Distribute red 'Show Racism the Red Card' armbands for athletes to wear whilst training and competing.
  • Give spectators a 'Shown Racism the Red Card' red card to call out racist language at fixtures.

Disability Sport

Wheelchair basketball photo

Sport can be inaccessible to people with disabilities, from facilities that don't meet people's accessibility needs to a lack of disability sport options.

To combat this we:

  • Lobbied for accessible facilities at the new Sports & Wellness Hub.
  • Organise disability sport sessions throughout the year, including wheelchair basketball and wheelchair dance.
  • Run accessible sport workshops for sports clubs annually, to help them make their clubs more accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Aim to include disability sport in Varsity 2020.

Women's Sport

Self-defence class flyer

Participation rates for women in sport and much lower than men's, and women's sport is often not given the same status as men's sport.

To combat this we:

  • Support women-only sport sessions, such as women-only swimming.
  • Organise women & non-binary people's self-defence classes.
  • Raise the profile of women's sport, such as in the Varsity showcase.
  • Invite high-profile women athletes to speak at Warwick, such as Too Fat To Run's Julie Creffield and Warwick Barbell's seminars with Kate Winter and Cat Smith.

Club Switch for Charity

CMD and Rugby League photo

Some of our clubs organise workshops for other clubs' members, raising money for charity and giving students the opportunity to experience new sports at the same time.

Our Classic & Modern Dance club organised a ballet workshop for Rugby League players, focusing on ankle strengthening and injury prevention, raising money for Movember!

Sports Day

Sports Day flyer

To combat the perception that sport at university is exclusively for high-performing athletes, and not welcoming of beginners of casual players, we organise an annual Sports Day.

Sports Day gives students the opportunity to check out the incredible array of sporting options available, meet current #TeamWarwick club members, try out different activities and take part in informal taster sessions throughout the day.

Debunking the Myths

There are all sorts of myths associated with specific sports, and sport in general. Our clubs took on the challenge of #DebunkingTheMyths!

Here's Warwick Wolverines debunking some myths about their sport!

Here's Warwick Devils debunking some myths about their sport!

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