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Going Out, Staying Safe

Going Out Staying Safe banner

In May 2018 we launched the 'Going Out, Staying Safe’ project with a survey that 444 students responded to. The survey delved into students' experiences of nights out in the local area with a focus on safety.

The project report found that:

  • 44% of students had experienced harassment on a night out
  • 39% of students had experienced difficulties getting home after a night out
  • 26% of students had heard of the Leamington Street Marshals
  • How safe students felt in Leamington Spa on a night out was not affected by whether they were aware of the Leamington Street Marshals
  • Key safety concerns included being followed, street harassment, lack of street lighting, bouncers' behaviour, sexual harassment, assault & rape, drink spiking, fights, drugs, racism, homophobia, and transport availability & cost.

The report includes a spotlight on many of the safety concerns expressed by respondents, and a series of recommendations to tackle issues affecting student safety on nights out. We are working with local stakeholders to implement the recommendations. 

For more information about the project please email campaigns@warwicksu.com.