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Rewards and Recognition

This page shows you the ways we recognize the successes of all our reps, explore ways we recognize the hard work you put in and the benefits you get being part of the SU!

SSLC Spotlight Series

SU Committee of the Year
Sports Committee

SU Committee Member of the Year
Sueda Oktay

SSLC of the Year
Warwick Medical School (MBChB)

Part-Time Officer of the Year
Kieran Barry

Jacquie Page Award for Outstanding Contribution to Democracy
Sienna Siu

Faculty/Department Rep of the Year
Caleb Heather

Course Rep of the Year
Paulo Arroyo

Campaigning for Change
Ben Althen

Outstanding Contribution
Chih-Hsiang Lo

Kevin Gately Award for Student Activism
Hamza Rehman

Outstanding Leadership
Paulo Arroyo

Student Wellbeing Champion
Alice Lane

SSLC Benefits