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Faculty and Departmental Reps

What are Faculty Reps?

The Academic Council has 3 subgroups, which are the Exec for each faculty. Collectively, they support the work of your Course Reps and Student Officers to ensure your academic interests are heard.

They focus on the academic experience of those in their faculty and report their activities to Academic Council. These activities include providing strategic direction for Course Reps and SSLCs within their faculty, leading on student voice mechanisms like Faculty Forums, and consulting on proposed motions and changes to the academic experience. Below are your Faculty Reps who have been elected to represent you!

Faculty of Arts

Amie Arnold arnie.arnold@warwick.ac.uk

Sueda Oktay sueda.oktay@warwick.ac.uk

Faculty of Social Sciences 

Caleb Heather caleb.heather@warwick.ac.uk

Jack Bateman  jonathan.bateman@warwick.ac.uk

Sabrina Muhamad Sabri sabrina.muhamad-sabri@warwick.ac.uk

Rafig Niftaliyev rafig.niftaliyev@warwick.ac.uk

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine 

Kiranjit Shergill kiranjit.shergill@warwick.ac.uk

Thomas Hart thomas.o.hart@warwick.ac.uk

Tauqueer Akhtar tauqeer.akhtar@warwick.ac.uk


What are Department Reps?

The role of a Department representative is to help escalate feedback to the University and help close the feedback loop on changes. It seeks to create change within Departments and collectively in the University. 

This requires communicating regularly with SSLCs and department level staff, as well as escalating feedback to Faculty Reps when appropriate. 


List of Department Reps