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Student Voice and Impact Awards


The Student Voice and Impact Awards recognise and celebrate students who advocate and create change for the student experience, including Course Reps, Execs, Activists & Campaigners.

Your Students' Union is democratic and student-led, so these awards are perfect to showcase the value and impact your involvement has to the Warwick Community.

These awards are held annually and have a wide range of categories to reflect the variety of ways you can empower the student voice at Warwick. Details of award categories and the shortlisted nominees can be found below.

The Student Voice and Impact Awards will be streamed on the SU Facebook page and our website in June. Keep an eye on the SU Facebook page for more details.


Student Voice & Impact 2021

Nominations close on Friday 7th May 2021 at midday.

Academic Society of the Year

This award is for the Academic Society who have made the greatest contribution to supporting students and creating a community within their society and their department. They are a central force within the Academic Community and help students feel welcome from enrolment to graduation.

This award is open to all Academic Societies affiliated with the SU.

Outstanding Contribution to Sustainability

Sustainability is an important cause that many students want to champion on campus. This award is for the students that have been championing the fight for sustainability in many different ways. They have created campaigns, developed events, and changed the culture of the Warwick community.

This award is open to any student or group of students.

Part-Time Officer of the Year

A Part-Time Officer who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to the role and achieved real impact for students whilst in office. Their work representing communities and/or developing projects whilst studying is an amazing feat and the change they create impacts student lives for the better.

This award is open to all Part-Time Officers (Disabled Students’, Environment and Ethics, Ethnic Minorities’, International Students’ (Non-EU & EU), LGBTUA+, Part-Time and Mature Students’, Trans Students’, Widening Participation, Women’s, and the Chair & Deputy Chair of Council).

SU Committee Member of the Year

This award recognises the SU Committee member who has shown outstanding commitment to their Exec, and has contributed to its successes. They have supported other SU Committee members in their activities and helped achieve a positive impact for students.

This award is open to all SU Committee members (Democracy, Development, Academic Council, Liberation and Diversity, Postgraduate Experience, Societies, Sports, Welfare).

SU Committee of the Year

SU Committee of the year has consistently engaged with the wider student population. They have made a positive impact on the student experience, enhanced the reputation of the Students’ Union or created positive change within the Union or local community. This could be through lobbying, campaigning, writing policy or through any other creative means! The Exec have successfully collaborated to achieve positive changes.

This award is open to all SU Committees (Democracy, Development, Academic Council, Liberation & Diversity, Postgraduate Experience, Societies, Sports, Welfare).

Faculty/Department Rep of the Year

This Faculty Representative has excelled in representing their cohort and demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the role. They have formed partnerships across the university community to achieve positive change and have made a difference to the lives of students and staff.

This award is open to all Faculty & Department Representatives.

Jacquie Page Award for Outstanding Contribution to Democracy

Jacquie Page was a much loved and highly respected member of staff who supported and inspired a vast number of students in their leadership, personal development, in their understanding of democracy in the Students’ Union and beyond. Her twenty one years at the helm of SU Democracy was an amazing achievement and we miss her greatly. This award is dedicated to her memory and to her legacy.

This award is open to any student who has made an outstanding contribution to democracy. Someone who has engaged with democrat ice processes to enact positive change.

Kevin Gately Award for Student Activism

Kevin Gately was a mathematics student at Warwick who died demonstrating against a National Front march through London on 15th June 1974. He was the first person to die in a demonstration in Great Britain for at least 55 years. This award is for the great student activists within Warwick who develop change and inspire students to do the same. They are a big force on campus and makes sure that students are prioritised within the Warwick Community.

This award is open to any student or group of students.

Course Rep of the Year

Truly committed to their role and the fair representation of their cohort’s academic interests at the SSLC, this course rep is exceptional. They actively seek course-related feedback from their fellow students, consistently attend SSLC meetings and constructively deliver this feedback to the SSLC, collaborating with other course reps and members of academic staff to strive for productive, realistic solutions. They are an effective, coherent communicator, a strong negotiator and are motivated to have a positive impact on academic life at Warwick. They have also attended Course Rep training and actively engaged with the SU.

This award is open to all course reps registered with the SU.

Making a Difference in the Community

There is more than just the University community that affects students. Students make up a big proportion of towns and cities around the University of Warwick and it is important that students have community feelings outside of campus. This award is for the great work students do in their community. This could be a singe event or an ongoing project. Students making impact in the local area is usually overlooked but is very important to student life.

This award is open to any student or group of students.

Outstanding Leadership

Creating outstanding student leaders is one of the main aspects of a Students’ Union. Outstanding leaders can come from any area of the SU. From success with a campaign, society, club or Exec to leadership in representation within a SSLC, Exec or voluntary group. It could be an official or unofficial leadership role as long as it is outstanding.

This award is open to any student.

SU Funded Project of the Year

With the project funds that the Students’ Union give out every year, students are able to create great projects. This award celebrates the great work that students have done with this funding.

This award is open to any student or group of students that have received project funding from the SU (SU Campaigns Fund, SU Project Fund, University & SU Environmental Sustainability Fund).

Student Wellbeing Champion

Promoting wellbeing and a positive attitude towards supporting student mental health has been ever more prevalent during the Covid-19 pandemic. This award is for an individual who not only demonstrates a commitment to their own wellbeing but has invested in the wellbeing of their peers. They have actively engaged in, or promoted, social, mental or physical wellbeing activities that inspire students; is an advocate for breaking down barriers and stigmas or has reached out to others to offer support. They are simply passionate about helping fellow students and have gone that extra mile in what has been a difficult year.

This award is open to any student or group of students.

SSLC of the Year

The SSLC of the year has engaged with the SU and their cohort, and made a positive impact on the student experience, or created positive change within the Union or their department. They are led by a great Chair & Sec as have great attendance and engagement from their Course Reps. A great SSLC is a partnership between students and University staff.

This award is open to all SSLCs.

Campaigning for Change

Creating change is an important part of Student Voice. A great campaign doesn’t just create change but also makes sure that this change is sustainable and inspire people into developing a better student experience and/or awareness of an issue.

This award is open to any student or group of students.

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