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Union Awards

The Union Awards will be a chance to celebrate those students who help make Warwick SU such an exciting place to frequent, socialise, volunteer and work. From Course Reps and Execs to Societies, we have a wide range of students who help us create amazing opportunities, advocate on behalf of the student community or give great service in our outlets and departments.

We have two different areas, each featuring a wide range of awards for our students:

Societies categories are for individual Societies and the people who run them.

Student Voice & Impact categories are for students who advocate and create change for the student experience. This includes Course Reps, Execs, Activists & Campaigners.

We will be celebrating the nominees and winners with online events as below. Keep an eye on the SU Facebook page for details too.

Student Voice & Impact - Wednesday 2nd June, 5pm

Societies – Friday 4th June, 7pm