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Societies Awards


It's time for the Societies Awards! If you can think of a society that's gone above and beyond this year for their members, run a particularly fantastic event or just had an amazing year then put them forward for one of the awards below!

This year's awards will be presented at the Union Awards event on Tuesday 11th June (Week 8) at 5:30pm happening in the Atrium. With 11 categories to go for, this is an amazing chance to recognise the hard work and achievements of the societies at Warwick this year. Anyone can nominate any society, so if you have someone in mind who's given it their all this year then let us know by nominating them for an award. See what the Societies Forum will be looking for in the description of each award below...

How and when can I nominate?

Nominations open on Tuesday the 30th April at 9am (W2) - you can just check back here and the nomination form will be available. The more detail you give in your nomination, the easier it is to recognise that society's hard work and achievements

Who decides the winners?

The Societies Committee is a group of elected students from across a wide range of societies at Warwick. The Committee will be reviewing all nominations throughout Term 3 to decide the winners of each category.

When will the awards be announced?

The awards will be presented at the Union Awards event on Tuesday 11th June (Week 8) at 5:30pm happening in the Atrium. The event will be on central campus, free to attend, and is designed to celebrate our amazing societies and the work you guys have put into creating such awesome communities this year! More info about the Societies Festival will be available through exec emails and on the SU website throughout Term 3.

This survey is not available until 09:00 on 30 Apr 2024.

Society of The Year

This award is for the society that has been outstanding all-round. Perhaps this society has seen a massive increase in engagement or gone above and beyond in its aims and objectives. Reasons for this recognition could be quantified but don’t have to be.

Society Exec Member of the Year

This award is for an executive committee member (Exec) who truly has made a world of difference for a society. If they’ve put in the work, been an extremely welcoming face, or held their society together with duct tape and love, this award might be for them. Feel free to nominate yourself or nominate someone you think has gone the extra mile to be the Exec Member of the Year.

Most Improved Society

This award is for the society that has demonstrated exceptional development over the year. Perhaps this society has added new initiatives, seen greater outreach than ever before or simply been transformed and revitalised. This award is for the society that has come along leaps and bounds over the past year.

Best Society Collaboration

This award recognises partnership between Societies. It could be for a single event, a series of events, a campaign or an overall long held partnership between two or more societies. No matter the scale, impact, or nature of the collaboration, the “Best Society Collaboration” Award might be the one for your society.

Biggest Impact

This award is for the society that has demonstrated a major impact on fellow students or the wider community. This may have involved making a marked shift in the student experience for a number of individuals. Maybe this society simply made a passerby’s day. Whatever the story, we want to hear it!

Most Innovative Society

This award is for the society who has shown the highest level of innovation and creativity in approach. This approach may have been to a problem or multiple challenges that the society may have faced or simply done something in a way very differently to previous years other societies.

Society Campaign of the Year

This award recognises the society that has run an outstanding campaign this year. Many societies run important initiatives and campaigns across campus and beyond on local, national, and international stages. This award is dedicated to recognising importance, contribution, impact or results of a campaign.

Recognition for Outstanding Contribution to a Society (1-5 winners)

This award recognises society members who have been pivotal to any aspects of a society. They may have gone above and beyond in helping organise and run events, or have put in impeccable effort to participate in society events, campaigns, or competitions, or they have gone out of their way to welcome and take care of other members of a society. This award could be both for exec members or non-exec members and can be for up to 5 students so definitely have a think about who might have gone above and beyond!

Best New Society (2022 onwards)

This award is for the best society that was set up in either the 2022-23 or 2023-24 academic year. Perhaps they added something new and interesting to the community at Warwick. Perhaps they hit the ground running with a fantastic new event. If this sounds like a society you’ve either been a part of or simply have heard of being absolutely fantastic, welcome them to the societies community here at Warwick and send in a nomination.

Most Welcoming Society

This award recognises the society that has gone above and beyond to create a community that is open, welcome, friendly and generates an environment where everyone feels they can be themselves. Whilst all societies are expected to be inclusive to everyone, if a society has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to creating a welcoming culture, this might be the one for them!

Best Society Publicity of The Year

This award recognises the society that has demonstrated exceptional creativity and effectiveness in promoting itself and its activities throughout the year. This may be through social media channels, in person marketing campaigns or unique approaches to marketing.