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Academic Convenor

Hello and welcome from the SU Education Team & Student Engagement Coordinators

Academic Support: Student Engagement Coordinators

Each faculty is supported by one or more student engagement co-ordinators (SECs); academics with an interest in student voice and experience of SSLCs. They meet regularly with the SU to support development of student academic voice.They offer informal catch-ups for academic convenors and are very happy to be contacted with any SSLC queries you may have.

Faculty of Arts
Gavin Schwartz-Leeper G.E.Schwartz-Leeper@warwick.ac.uk
David Lees D.W.Lees@warwick.ac.uk

Faculty of Social Science
Jane Bryan J.M.Bryan@warwick.ac.uk

Faculty of Science, Engineering & Medicine
Ian Tuersley Ian.Tuersley@warwick.ac.uk
Elke Thonnes E.Thonnes@warwick.ac.uk
Kate Owen Katherine.owen@warwick.ac.uk (Gibbet Hill)


Updates and News!

Have you filled in the final SSLC annual report? We have updated the document, so please make sure you click the picture below for the updated resource! The deadline is 12th July at 1pm to sslc@warwicksu.com. Please ensure you use this template and put your SSLC Name in the (NAME) section when sending to us.  


Training for 2021

Training will be conducted as an SSLC Group. As an Academic Convenor, you can be in attendance to this training and even work with the SU to tailor the training specifically for your SSLC.

Training is mandatory for HEAR Recognition so please make sure you book this training in with us through the email.

Click the image below to be taken to the training form to fill out and send back to your SU Education coordinator.