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Postgraduate Officer

Nathan Parsons

Vice president for Postgraduate


Hi, I’m Nathan and I’m here to represent you!

I’ve been a student at Warwick since 2010, and a postgraduate since 2014. Over that time, I’ve grown increasingly frustrated with how undergraduate-focused the SU can be, and I want to change that. Postgrads like us make up 40% of our members, and we deserve a union that reflects and represents us and our needs.

As Postgraduate Officer, I’m here to represent your interests, help shape University policies to work for you, and campaign on key issues that affect you, your education, and your experience at Warwick. While I have a lot of my own experience being a postgrad, collectively, you have so much more. Your involvement in the SU is vital to ensure that the voice of postgraduates is heard.

If you want to get in touch with suggestions or issues, you can email me at postgrads@warwicksu.com.

Course: PhD in Analytical Science (as part of the MAS-CDT)

Hometown: Cornwall

Fun fact about me: I don’t like “fun facts” - I think it’s more important that you know what I will actually do for you.

My role and what I hope to achieve this year:
My main focus this year will be on making the SU work for you.

I’ll be getting to know you and what you want and need, both through existing data and actively reaching out to talk to you. I already know what I want to see in the SU, but I'm just one person, so I desperately need to know what you want to see. Your input will help shape postgraduate provision for years to come, and help build a union that truly represents us and our needs.

I’ll also be running some postgrad focused events this year, and better advertising the ones that the PG Hub already offers. I want to help build a connected community by creating opportunities for us to break us out of our departmental bubbles, so look out for these events here on the SU website, on social media, and in the regular postgrad-specific email updates I’ll be sending throughout the year (including outside of undergraduate term-time!).

Nathan Parsons


The Vice President for Postgraduate's office is on the first floor of SUHQ.

024 765 72777

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The election for this role takes place during our Spring Elections in term 2. You can find out more about this role and the others available by visiting our elections webpages.

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