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We have over 250 societies - there is bound to be one for you! On this page you can find out more about societies, join them, start them up, or find resources for exec members.

Start a New Society

Start a New Society

If none of our 250+ societies float your boat then you can always set one up yourself! You just have to make sure that your society is unique and not doing something a current society already does.

Recognising Societies

The Societies Forum will review applications to create new societies at weekly meetings throughout term, but you will not hear a decision until after the application deadline.

To check you fulfil the criteria to become a new society, please view it by clicking the criteria tab above.

The process and deadlines for applying to be new society (to be set up in time for Term 2 or the new academic year) are as follows:

  • You must:
  1. Complete one online form (please see the tab above) - The application window is from Friday 13th October 2023 (9am) until Friday 3rd November 2023 (5pm)
  2. Collect 30 signatures and University ID numbers of people who are interested in joining your society and email a scanned copy to societies@warwicksu.com by Friday 3rd November 2023 (5pm).
  • Signatures can be done in person/handwritten or/and digitally. We are happy to accept "electronic signatures" typed out on a word document (along with their University ID numbers).
  • When collecting signatures, please ensure that you get consent to use their data. We request platforms such as Microsoft Forms are used for collecting this data, as only the organiser can view this data rather than an open Word/Google doc where it is available to anyone who clicks the link. All students should have access to Forms through their University Office account.
  • The Society name you provide in the online form cannot be significantly changed throughout the new society process. Except for special circumstances, only minor changes will be considered after the submission deadline. If you have submitted an online form and you wish to make a major name change before the deadline, please resubmit the online form.
  • The Societies Forum will then review all applications in line with the criteria and identify a shortlist of potential new societies. If your society is shortlisted, you will be invited to ‘pitch’ your society to the Forum - the timing of this will be dependent on when you submitted your application, but it will be before the end of term 1. Due to the volume of new society applications received each year, not all applications will reach this point.
  • SU staff will complete an impact assessment for each new society application. The Societies Forum will receive these impact assessments in writing along with the application.
  • The pitch meetings will last about 15 minutes - in this time you'll have around 5 minutes to tell the Forum what your society is all about. The rest of the time will be used as a question-and-answer session. Competition is high as we can only approve a certain amount of societies each year. However, this does not mean you cannot re-apply next year.
  • If you are recognised as a society, we will ask you to complete an official constitution, an exec sheet and a Handover Pack. If you need help with this, please contact studentactivities@warwicksu.com. You will also be required to attend mandatory Finance and Event Planning training.
  • Depending on when your society is approved, it will be set up either for Term 2 or Term 3.


If you have any questions or require assistance during the process, email societies@warwicksu.com

Any new society applications which are deemed to fall under at least one of the following criteria, will be rejected by Societies Forum:

  1. If the activity cannot be covered under the Students’ Union’s public liability insurance.
  2. The nature of the activity is deemed to be of such a high risk that it would require a disproportionate amount of funding and/or staff time to monitor to ensure compliance with minimum safety standards.
  3. A sport (this includes a sport recognised by BUCS, a martial art, and/or a sport recognised by Sport England, with possible exceptions for a limited range of such sports for which there are no safety or funding issues e.g. croquet).
  4. Has a primary purpose of volunteering overseas or working with under-18s or vulnerable adults.
  5. Aims to provide counselling, advice or advocacy.
  6. Aims to provide information or guidance relating to examinations. Academic societies can do this by way of revision sessions or guides where their respective academic department are in agreement.
  7. Is proposing activities which have the potential to bring the Students’ Union/University into disrepute.
  8. Is in conflict with the Students’ Union’s values, ethos and/or student-mandated policy.
  9. Has the sole aim of charitable fundraising (for an organisation external to Warwick SU).
  10. If the group receives public liability insurance from an external body.
  11. If the group is constituted or governed by an external body and it conflicts with Warwick Students’ Union’s governance structures, bylaws or regulations.
  12. If a faith group proposes to represent a particularly narrow view of a faith and is not supported by regional faith supporting organisations, on advice from the Chaplaincy.

Other criteria which will be taken into account by the Societies Committee includes:

  1. Whether the group duplicates the role of an existing society.
  2. Whether the group duplicates the purposes of a society which has been de-recognised in the last 18 months.
  3. How inclusive the group is whether it has the potential to benefit all students.
  4. Whether the group is being set up for a one-off event.
  5. Whether the group has a purely social purpose.
  6. Whether the group has the minimum number of Full Members required by Societies Forum.
  7. Whether the group’s proposed activities are, in the opinion of the forum, not in accordance with the Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  8. Whether the group is sustainable as a society, including including financially*

*When new societies are formed, they are expected to be financially self sufficient. Increasing your society balance can either be achieved through membership fees, or obtaining sponsorship. The Student Union is only able to give a nominal £50 grant to brand new societies when they’re first set up, so please bear this in mind when considering if your society is viable. Your society must be able to function independently.

Applications for applying for a new society are currently closed.