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Societies Fair

Societies Fair 2019/20

As part of Welcome Week, the 2019/20 annual Societies Fair will take place at the new Sports Hub, on Wednesday 25th September 2019, from 10am - 5pm. This is your chance to browse the hundreds of amazing societies on campus, make new friends and explore new interests. For returning students, another chance to explore new Societies that are on the scene, make even newer friends and to see what fresh opportunities are out there for you. 

To browse our societies, please click here and Join the Facebook Page here.

You don't have to wait until the fairs to purchase membership. Membership can be purchased online anytime after September 1st 2019, so don't miss your chance to join a society even if you can't make the fair. 


Society Applications

If you have registered for a table,  please click this link to read some important notes and information.

Please click here for a list of Societies who have succesfully applied for a table. (If you're not on the list and you did register, please email student activities by clicking here).

Ensure you join the Presidents Group and/or the Exec Members Group to keep receiving updates. 

Table Plan

This year, as it's a completely new venue for us, we're not sure exactly how the table layout will look until we physically start setting up the fair. 

So this year, any society who has registered for a table, will simply need to turn up on the day and look for their table. Each table will be named, so it should be straightforward. But staff will be on hand if you're struggling to find your particular table. 

Also you will be each given a backboard. Please DO NOT use pins to attach leaflets to the board. We will give you velcro dots, which you can use to attach material onto the board.

We advise societies arrive around 9am to start setting up. But please read the important notes and information for any other info.