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Associations & Community Hubs

What are Associations?

There are four Associations, who represent and support specific communities of students here at Warwick. They are:

Associations serve a vital function within the Students' Union, by:

  • Acting as a voice for specific communities of students here at Warwick,
  • Consulting their communities, and being consulted on issues affecting their communities,
  • Bringing relevant concerns to the attention of the SU and the University on behalf of their communities,
  • Organising activities for the benefit of their communities, and
  • Communicating relevant updates and opportunities to their communities and supporters.
How can I join & get involved with Associations?

All students who self-define into communities represented by an Association are automatically considered members of the relevant Association(s). However, to connect with an Association and join their mailing list, you will need to visit their introduction/membership pages.


Allies and supporters can also connect with Associations via a supporters membership, by visiting their introduction/membership pages.

Association membership pages

Community Hubs

You can find relevant news, events, contact details, support available, resources, and campaigns via the community hubs.