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Red cord cards installed in SU accessible toilets

Emergency red cords installed in accessible toilets across the university campus allow users to call for assistance if they fall or are otherwise in need of help. To work effectively these red cords need to hang freely all the way to the floor. Unfortunately, they sometimes get tied up or looped around fixtures within the facilities, which ultimately endangers users.

New hate crime reporting ambassador scheme launched

We know that it is often easier for a victim of hate crime to seek support from their peers, so we’re offering training for anyone who would like to understand how to best support someone who has experienced hate crime or incidents of hate.



Wed 6th May

Scoliosis: Back to Back (drop-in)
6th May 11am - 1:30pm
Kevin Gately Room (Meeting Room 2)
This will be the first event held at Warwick to support those with Scoliosis and raise the awareness across the University. Get involved with Scoliosis and we will see you there!

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