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Red cord cards installed in SU accessible toilets

Emergency red cords installed in accessible toilets across the university campus allow users to call for assistance if they fall or are otherwise in need of help. To work effectively these red cords need to hang freely all the way to the floor. Unfortunately, they sometimes get tied up or looped around fixtures within the facilities, which ultimately endangers users.



Mon 28th September

Disabled Students Welcome Event
28th September 3pm - 4pm
Meet other disabled students, both new and returning, and find out more about the community, plans for the year ahead, and what's on offer at Warwick for disabled students!

Tue 29th September

Activism at Warwick
29th September 3pm - 4pm
Discover the history of activism at Warwick, and its recent activist histories.

Wed 30th September

Introduction to Groups Representing Marginalised & Minority Communities
30th September 2pm - 3pm
This event offers an opportunity to learn more about the liberation groups, who represent marginalised and minority communities like LGBTUA+ students, students from an ethnic minority, disabled students, and women students.

Thu 1st October

Students of Colour Welcome Event
1st October 4pm - 5pm
Meet other students of colour, both new and returning, and find out more about the community, plans for the year ahead and what's on offer at Warwick for students of colour.
SU Officers Meet & Greet
1st October 5pm - 6pm
Meet the student officers elected to represent you during your time at Warwick, and learn more about their plans and responsibilities.

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