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Disabled Students' Association

Disabled Students' Association


The Association acts as a voice for disabled students, consulting the community and being consulted on issues that affect they. The Association brings relevant concerns to the attention of the SU, organises activities for disabled students, and communicates relevant updates and opportunities. Find out more...


Warwick Enable

We are Warwick Enable, the disability liberation and campaigning society on campus. We are for disabled students, their friends, allies and carers or enablers – we welcome anyone who is passionate about disability and inclusivity. We believe this university is for everybody (and mind).

Autism at Warwick

Hello! We are Autism at Warwick, a new(ish) society set up by and for autistic students at the university. We run socials and campaigns, and are home to a lively Discord group chat where members can discuss anything from films to baking, as well as providing a safe space for peer support and autism-related discussions.


Hidden Disabilities: Misconceptions About Autism (guest blog)

It’s currently UK Disability History Month, 18th November – 18th December. This year, one of the themes is ‘hidden disability’. Michael, an autistic student at Warwick, has written this blog tackling some common misconceptions surrounding his hidden disability.

Red cord cards installed in SU accessible toilets

Emergency red cords installed in accessible toilets across the university campus allow users to call for assistance if they fall or are otherwise in need of help. To work effectively these red cords need to hang freely all the way to the floor. Unfortunately, they sometimes get tied up or looped around fixtures within the facilities, which ultimately endangers users.



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