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Disabled Students' Officer

Nathan Parsons

Disabled Students' Officer

Hi, I'm Nathan, a part-time PhD student, and I'm here to represent you!

Alongside some awareness-building events, I will be working to improve the University processes and services that we often rely on. The University is currently failing us in many ways, so I'll be gathering your experiences and taking them to the University to demand the changes that we desperately need.

Medical certificates are needlessly required for many things, and they're mostly a costly tick-box exercise; the University shouldn't need to ask for them as often as they do, and they could easily cover the cost when they do.

I will also be implementing an accessibility reporting system, so that everyone can quickly and easily report issues, no matter how small they may be. I'll get the issues fixed, and lobby both the SU and University to take a proactive approach to ensuring accessibility.

If you think that I may be able to help you, your SSLC, Society or Sports Club, you can email me via

Nathan Parsons

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The election for this role takes place during our Spring Elections in Term 2. You can find out more about this role and the others available by visiting our elections webpages.

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