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Disabled Students Association

Disabled Students Association

The Disabled Students' Associations brings together the Disabled Students' Officer and representatives from student disability societies to run events and campaigns and better represent disabled students at the University. Sign up for membership below to get fortnightly round-up emails about everything disability-related at Warwick -  from upcoming events to new opportunities at the University and beyond.

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The committee of the Disabled Students Association consists of the Presidents of Warwick Enable and Autism at Warwick, and the Disabled Students Officer. For 2021/22, your committee is:

Disabled Students' Officer: Sophie Kitching (sophie.kitching@warwicksu.com)

President of Warwick Enable: Laure Renault

Representative of Autism at Warick: Holly Roffe

Organisations for disabled students

There are two societies representing disabled students at the University: Warwick Enable, and Autism at Warwick. You may also wish to get in touch with the Disabled Students Officer.

You may also find helpful information on the Disabled Students' Community Hub.

Disability support at Warwick

For information on reasonable adjustments and exam arrangements, contact the Disability Team through the Wellbeing Portal or click here for more information. You may also be eligible to apply for Disabled Students' Allowance. You can find information on disability support offered by the Library (including assistive software and accessible study rooms) here, or contact Disability Support Officer Julia Ahern on julia.ahern@warwick.ac.uk.


Joining the  Association

There are two types of membership. There is no cost to either membership.

For disabled students:

All disabled students are full members of the Association. Choose the 'Association Member' option below to receive communications from the Association.

Members can vote in any Association elections and on proposed constitutional and policy changes.

For non-disabled students:

Any member of Warwick SU may choose to become a supporter of the Association. Choose the 'Association Supporter' option below to become a supporter and receive communications from the Association.

Supporters are not entitled to vote in any Association elections or on proposed constitutional and policy changes.

Other Associations

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