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Argentine Tango Society

Argentine Tango Society

Welcome to the Warwick Argentine Tango Society! We are a fun, friendly and inclusive society that simply want to share the joy of Argentine Tango with as many people as possible. Whether you have been dancing for years, or have never moved to a rhythm before, our society/adorable wee family offers something for everyone!


Classes take place twice a week - on Mondays and Thursdays. We hold Fundamentals/Improvers classes followed by Practicas (where we play tango music and you can put the steps you've learnt from the lesson to practice). Our Improvers classes are generally based on a skill that we developed the basics of in the Fundamentals class - so while we recommend definitely coming to ther latter if you are a beginner, we encourage you try your hand (or feet) at the former as well (and vice versa, seasoned tangueros can always work on their basics, they are the hardest to master)!

Here is what a typical week looks like:


What: Fundamentals followed by Practica

When: 18:00 to 19:00 (or 6 to 7pm)

Where: Zeeman Building Foyer


What: Improvers followed by Practica

When: 19:00 to 20:30 (or 7 to 8:30pm)

Where: Zeeman Building Foyer

Although this information is updated as of 2024, we recommend checking our socials (linked above) for the latest timetable and class locations, or alternatively send us an email and we can tell you.

Everyone is welcome - whether you're the next Tango Maestro or you think you have two left feet (plot twist - you don't).

We also have a good split between undergraduates and postgraduates, so you're sure to fit right in, regardless of who you are!


Membership: £4.50 (Standard) or £5.50 (Associate), pay at the bottom of the page!

Welcome Week and Week 1 tasters (of all terms) are free.

Either bring cash or use the links below to pay for classes:




Please note, there is a 10p transaction fee for online class purchases!

Lesson packs can be used throughout the year - so no need to worry about using them all in one term!


With Argentine Tango being a social dance, we are proud to combine the dance with meeting up and socialising. Here are some of the things we get up to:

  • We organising non-dancing socials including movie nights, quizzes, bowling and more!
  • We run our own milongas (social dances – ultimately what we dance tango for!) every term on campus where we invite members from neighbouring societies and universities, supply drinks and refreshments, and everyone has a great time! These milongas are a great way to see what Tango is all about in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.
  • As well as hosting our milongas, we visit others across the UK too, including but not exclusive to Warwick, Birmingham, Manchester, UCL, Edinburgh, Oxford, Che London, UK Tango Festival - the list is endless!

Performances & Collaboration

  • We participate in several performances throughout the year including Pizzaz, Warwick Does Strictly, Warwick Blackout and more!
  • We have organised Tango De-Stress sessions (free taster sessions to members and non-members) with the aim of relieving exam stress through Tango.
  • We collaborate with other socities to deliver exciting events, such as our exchange workshops with Warwick Salsa and Latin & Ballroom as well as our socials with Warwick Pride.
  • We have participated in professional photoshoots, both on and off campus, where our members posed as models for tango photos.

The Exec (2024/25)

We run the Society and would love to get to know you! Feel free to approach us if you have any questions or issues.

President: Aigerim Pirmatova

Vice President: Mia Sandhu

Secretary: Emma Holloway

Treasurer: Apoorv Prabhu

Social Secretary: Mia Sandhu

Postgraduate Officer: Apoorv Prabhu

Frequently Asked Questions

Joining a new society can be intimidating, we get it! Here are some of the most common concerns we have encountered. If the following list doesn't answer your questions, you can always pop us a message (we don't bite, we promise)!

"I've never danced before!"

That's alright, most of our members joing with zero prior dance experience. Our teachers have years and years of training and know exactly how to structure a lesson for even the freshest of beginners. Give it a go and you may just surprise yourself!

“What should I wear?”

Whatever you're comfortable in, really! Put on your dance shoes if you happen to have any, but if not, cotton socks or sneakers do just fine.

“Do I have to attend all the lessons?”

No - you can be a member of the society and come to lessons whenever it suits you. Of course, we do encourage you to attend as actively as possible, as we slowly but surely build up our technique and abilities with every class. Don't worry if you are skip a few though - our teachers, exec and other members are more than happy to catch you up to speed at the next lesson or practica.


Like our Facebook Page, join our Facebook Group and/or follow us on Instagram to keep up to date on lessons and socials.

Email us at argentinetangowarwick@gmail.com with any questions.

Listen to our Spotify Playlist for musical inspiration.

We hope to you see you all soon!

xx Argentine Tango Exec 

Exec Membership

Argentine Tango Society - President

Argentine Tango Society - Vice President

Argentine Tango Society - Treasurer

Argentine Tango Society - Postgraduate Officer

Argentine Tango Society - Secretary

Argentine Tango Society - Secretary and Social Secretary

Argentine Tango Society - Secretary and Teaching

Argentine Tango Society - Social Secretary

Argentine Tango Society - Socials Secretary

Argentine Tango Society - Vice President and Equal Opportunities

Argentine Tango Society - Welfare Officer


  • Constitution

    This is the Constitution of Warwick Argentine Tango Society as approved on 31st March 2020.

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Current students should purchase the Argentine Tango Society Standard Membership below.


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