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Warwick BioSoc


BioSoc is the University of Warwick's Biology Society!

Friendly and open to all, BioSoc is the perfect society for those studying at the School of Life Sciences, the Medical School or simply those with an interest in all things Biology. We provide a welcoming community with a shared passion for science, hosting fun socials, providing family support, one-to-one academic mentoring, academic events and meaningful volunteering opportunities. 

Exec members (2022/23)

President: Rebecca Ayres

Vice Presidents: Lizzie Hogben and Murat Ceyran

Secretary: Preksha Hooda

Treasurer: Daniel Burlingham

Publicity Officers: Emily Tutton and Daria Stoyanova-Dinchiiska

Wellbeing Officer: Manu Advani Rodriguez

Social Secretaries: Lauren Stokes and Erin Thompson

Freshers Officers: Harry Douglas, Nadine Hilman and Rahma Al-Tai

Sports Officer: Estelle Leitao

E-sports Officers: Harry Douglas and Prajin Banawalikar

Charity and Fundraising Officer: Angelina Angelo

Academic Talks Officer: Alice Hayward-Wills

Mentor Officer: Macy Mui

Outreach Officers: Ranudi Kudellage and Sima Kheyfits

Ball Organiser: Morgan Purvis

Tour Organisers: Tabby Chadney and Dexter Adonu

Exec Members (2021/22)
President: Arianwen Herbert / Vice Presidents: Chloe Harper and Rebecca Ayres / Treasurers: Daniel Burlingham, Kimberly Chiimba / Secretary and Communications: Lizzie Hogben / Social Secretaries: Tabby Chadney, Erin Thompson and Lauren Stokes / Social Media: Emily Tutton and Daria Dinchiiska / Ball Committee: Rebecca Ayres, Murat Ceyran, Kimberley Chiimba, Lizzie Hogben / Outreach Officers: Anna Ceesay and Murat Ceyran / Academic Events Officer: Rowan Brown / Mentor Coordinator: Murat Ceyran / Freshers Officer: Harry Douglas / Families Officer:: Emilija Tamosiunaite / Sports Officer: Gabe Jacob / Postgraduate Officer: Raeisha Boggaram



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