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BioSoc is the University of Warwick's Biology Society!

Friendly, innovative and open to anyone, BioSoc is the perfect society for those interested in biology and those who study Life Sciences. We aim to provide a welcoming space for those new to university and encourage everyone to join the society as we are known for throwing great social events and big charity events designed to suit everyone!

Reasons to join us:

BioSoc Socials


Last term 2, we hosted the first annual BioBall where we hosted over 200 people for a lovely night in a hotel for music, a 3-course meal, entertainment and a DJ for the late-night dancing. The ball is the perfect evening to celebrate the academic year with your friends and have a load of fun before the exam season begins. We plan on giving it our all this year so stay tuned!

POP! and sober socials

BioSoc is known to host some of the biggest circles, where you can have a drink, show off your fancy dress skills and make some new friends while we play drinking games before we go into the campuses very own club ‘POP!’.

If drinking isn’t your style or you’d like to try something else, we’ve got plenty more to offer! There will be academic talks, outreach trips and tours, BBQ’s, and information evenings for module options, placement years, and career possibilities. We also recommend you attend a BioCafe meeting where older students can help you with your queries.



BioSoc Sports

A healthy body is a healthy mind.

Members of Biosoc are encouraged to take part in sports as a relief from their studies, and just university life in general. As life scientists, we are aware of the amazing complexity of the body, what better use for it than to exert it to its maximum potential in challenging, yet enjoyable physical activity! Stay fit and mentally sharp with your course mates - this can be achieved through our netball and football teams. With matches being organised through the university active league, we have participated and remained active in many tournaments.                                                                            


Academic Support

BioSoc offers student-lead Peer Support Sessions throughout the year, available to all undergraduates. These sessions are great for help with things such as:

  • Lab reports,

  • Lecture notes,

  • Exam revision,

  • Dissertations,

or even just a chance to relax and chat with other Life Sciences students over free pizza and hot drinks!

BioCafe is on Mondays most weeks from 5pm - 6pm, with upper year mentors to provide advice and help throughout the year.


There is also a rehauled Year 1 Mentorship Scheme as part of our Outreach efforts - students who sign up will be assigned an upper year mentor doing the same course, meant to be a source of friendly and accessible guidance throughout your first year! They are there for any concerns or questions you may have over the year. There will also be various social events for you to attend with your mentors, a great way to connect with different year groups, share advice, support and wisdom, as well as just to make friends.

To request a mentor: Go to Moodle and access Student Guide 2019/20 > Year 1 Course Information > BioSoc Mentor Sign up.




BioSoc always attempts to ensure that everyone is involved - both within our university and within the local community.

Managed by our outreach officers, there are loads of exciting opportunities to get involved with volunteering projects, socials, and much more. We work with local schools to run science clubs and science weeks and also work on projects relating to 'Bright Stars' in the hope of spreading interest in science and to guide disadvantaged pupils into STEM or higher education.  

Volunteering with BioSoc is fantastic for those who may want to go into teaching or working with young people, but it is also a great opportunity for people who simply just want make a difference!




For each academic year, we hope to arrange a fun and enjoyable trip away! By collaborating with other societies and other universities, this is a great way to make loads of new friends and let your hair down! Keep an eye out for further info - you won't want to miss out. 



Exec Members (2019/2020)

President: Sam Jackson

Vice President: Jade Oh

Treasurer: Andris Gyori

Secretary: Bobby Odedra

Social Secretaries: Ewan Taylor-Smith and Sarah Blake

Sports Officer: 

Outreach Officers: Jerry Yu and Erin Marrs

Fresher representative: 

Ball Organiser: Arianwen Herbert


Every year we see BioSoc getting bigger and better, which means that this year we expect to have more of you enjoying yourselves than ever! Please feel free to contact any of us with any questions. Our instagram and facebook links are on the top right of this page so please follow us for more updates and see what we've been up to!



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