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Hip Hop Dance: EQHO

Hip Hop Dance: EQHO

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(Best Society, Student Union Society Awards 2019)


Warwick Hip Hop Dance: EQHO  is the University’s award-winning, student run hip-hop dance society, open to all levels and abilities.


We offer two classes every week, one beginner and one intermediate class. Our classes include a variety of styles such as popping, locking, waacking, commercial, heels, afro, freestyle. Classes take place in the IKEA Membership Space, Ground Floor, SU Building on Mondays 6-8pm and Thursdays 7-9pm.


We are an award-winning society both within the university and nationally. We were voted Best Society 2019 in the Student Union Society Awards and a long history of outstanding performance at national competitions including  2nd place at Go Hard Go Home 2019 and 3rd place Loughborough Dance Competition,


Throughout the year, EQHO takes part in a number of showcases and performances. At the end of very term, we host a showcase where we invite everyone to perform, show their progress and express themselves in an encouraging and supportive space. We also take part in numerous performances such as Pizazz, Fringe Festival and Encore where numerous societies come together and showcase a variety of styles.


EQHO is a very sociable and lively society in and outside of class. We host numerous social events throughout the year including circling, POP, Skool Dayz, movie nights, dinner and bowling nights. We even have a Facebook page dedicated to all our social events called Eqho Socials.


We also work very closely with other societies to offer a wide variety of dance styles and social activities. Past events have included workshops with Salsa, Gaana dance and Bollywood Dance society. We have also worked in collaboration with Pole and Aerial Arts, Belly dance, Breakdance, Latin and Ballroom to host events including the annual ball.


With EQHO, you have the opportunity to attend our elegant annual balls where members can enjoy fine dining, dancing and award ceremonies. Last year we hosted, Come dine with EQHO which was a celebration of our society and we have also hosted balls in collaboration with other societies.


EQHO offers numerous workshops where professional choreographers are invited to the university. Past workshops have been led by Andi Vega, Michael Jordan-Richards, Mikey Ureta and many more. We also make regular trips to professional dance studios such as  Studio 68.


Every year EQHO goes abroad on the famous annual tour. Whilst on tour, you have the opportunity to do some sightseeing, explore the nightlife, try local specialities and of course, dance! EQHO has been to Budapest, Lisbon, Tenerife, Malaga, Prague and many more destinations.


Class information

Monday 6-8pm (INTERMEDIATE) – Upstairs Membership Space (near Terrace Bar)

Thursday 6-8pm (ALL LEVELS) - IKEA Membership Space  (next to Pharmacy in SU)

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