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Warwick Anti-Sexism Society

Warwick Anti-Sexism Society

Welcome to Warwick Anti-Sexism Society (WASS)! 

We are Warwick's only INTERSECTIONAL FEMINIST society.

We are a society for people of all genders who are interested in discussing and campaigning for gender liberation. If you're passionate about dismantling patriarchy, this is your chance to make a difference on our campus. 

We work closely with other liberation groups such as Warwick Anti-Racism Society and Warwick Pride to make sure our approach to fighting sexism is intersectional.

This means that you do not have to pay the socs fed fee to become a WASS member!


Events and Campaigns planned for 2019-20


• Feminist Chill Outs and Reading Clubs

• Fundraiser for Kairos Coventry

• International Women's Week workshops

• Black History Month and LGBT History Month

• Monthly open mic nights

• WASS socials

• Period Poverty Project

• Film nights

And many more!


Our Past Work: 2017-19

• Co-hosted the LIBERATION conference

• Can't Touch This clubnights - queer friendly, body positive and 0-tolerance approach to harassment

• WASS and Pride Go To Pop!

• Liberation Zine(liberationzine.com)

• Raising money for local organisations such as Haven and CRASAC

• Mental health socials

• Feminist Chill Outs + Reading Clubs

• International Women's Week at Warwick

• Reclaim The Night march on campus

• Reclaim our University demo

• Open Mic nights


Contact us

Twitter | Facebook Page | Discussion Group | Instagram Page

Email: warwickantisexismsociety@gmail.com



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Current students should purchase the Warwick Anti-Sexism Society Standard Membership below.


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