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We have over 250 societies - there is bound to be one for you! On this page you can find out more about societies, join them, start them up, or find resources for exec members.


Warwick Literature Society

Warwick Literature Society


Warwick Literature Society

Welcome to the home of the University of Warwick’s literary enthusiasts!

As our Society Constitution states, we are here

“To promote the enjoyment and appreciation of literature in the university community regardless of degree course”

So by becoming a member, you can get involved in any or all of the events hosted by the society, which range widely from social to academic. 

There are many Lit Soc social events running throughout the year, including regular circles before POP!, bar crawls in Leamington, the annual ball and an incredibly successful foreign tour. Whilst we love living it up on nights out, we also run far more relaxed socials during exam season, such as cafe de-stress sessions and quiz nights.

As an academic society we additionally offer Academic Aid for literature students, acting as a helping hand from the first days at university through to dissertation hand-in day! Our Freshers Guide PDF (available here) outlines aspects of the course you might not have managed to read about yet, whilst also detailing some university essentials and tips for life at Warwick. Last year, we ran academic support drop in sessions to guide freshers through the literature workload, getting to grips with essays and so much more, and we are hoping to continue this virtually this year. If you don't have time to join a video call, our exec will always be more than happy to answer any questions or give out any advice. Our Families Scheme also provides people with a great support network and people to turn to if any questions need answering or advice needs giving, also providing another chance to meet people both in and outside of your year group! 

For more information on events, academic aid, and to find out more about the Lit Soc exec, be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and keep up to date with all events and announcements!

To get in contact with the exec team email us at su190@sunion.warwick.ac.uk


Executive Committee 

  • President: Amelia Thomas and Lizzie Shooter
  • Vice President: Jasper Young
  • Events Officer: Beau Gerard
  • Treasurer: Millie Baldwin
  • Welfare Officer: Andie Ourris
  • Academic Officer: Bella Litewska
  • Charities Officer: Harriet Paget
  • Social Secretaries: Mason Stannard and Harriet Paget
  • Publicity Officers: Liv Church and Leonia Depledge
  • Secretary: Edie Gutteridge
  • Creative Co-ordinators: Amy Adshead and Jasper Young
  • Ball Co-ordinators: Soraya Wagstaff


Exec Membership

Warwick Literature Society - President

Warwick Literature Society - Vice President

Warwick Literature Society - Treasurer

Warwick Literature Society - Academic Aid

Warwick Literature Society - Ball Coordinator

Warwick Literature Society - Publicity Officer

Warwick Literature Society - Secretary

Warwick Literature Society - Social Secretary

Warwick Literature Society - Tour Secretary


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