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Welcome to Warwick History Society

As one of the biggest and most active societies on campus, HistSoc is an amazing way for you to make the most of your time here at Warwick. We are proud to offer our members a range of not just academic, but social and careers-based events and activities that will enable you to meet fellow historians as well as other students who have realised how valuable it is to be a member of our society!

Be sure to stay up to date with all things HistSoc through our social media networks. Please check out our Facebook page, as well as our Instagram and Twitter, for more information! You can also learn more about the society in our Welcome Pack!

HistSoc love to you freshers, and also to anyone's never too late to join!


Alongside our big nights out in Cov, Leam and Birmingham, we put on a whole host of different types of social events. Our flagship events are the incredibly popular annual HistSoc Ball, as well as both of our Domestic and Foreign Tours! Additionally, we organise society meals, film evenings and circling before POP! run by our fabulous Social Secretaries.


Through our mentorship scheme we're able to help members establish valuable links between new and current historians, supporting all of our members during their time at Warwick, both academically and pastorally. Throughout the year we also put on events, talks and workshops to help you prepare for assignments and deadlines that are related to the curriculum, but also other areas which are equally as interesting! 


We frequently organise careers events catering to a number of career paths which help to accomodate the wide range of jobs that our members have availible to them! We also offer academic advice and welfare support throughout your degree if you need it.


We compete in Football and Netball leagues year-round, and also take part in tournaments, playing against other societies within the university. Most recently, we have started participating in a Rounders league over the summer term which makes for a great way to relax and have fun over the busy exam period! So, be sure to watch out for any tryouts and taster sessions throughout the year!

Please get in touch with our Sports Officers, Emily Marsh and Luke Walters, or follow our new HistSoc Warwick Sports Facebook page to express your interest in joining our teams, as well as keeping up to date on all things Team HistSoc!


Executive Committee:

PRESIDENT: Evie Stoneman

VICE-PRESIDENT: Vanessa Mabelle

TREASURER: Joe Armstrong

SECRETARY: Edward Montell-Hall




MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS: Laura Martin and Rebecca Willis

SOCIAL SECRETARIES: Luke Antonio Heslin and Luke Messom

TOUR SECRETARIES: Emma Frost and Raffaella Culora

BALL SECRETARIES: Ruth Bradbury and Louise Tribe

CAREERS OFFICERS: Fatima Patel and Henry Potter


SPORTS OFFICERS: Emily Marsh and Luke Walters


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