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Who Soc

Who Soc

“All of time and space, everything that ever happened or ever will... Where do you want to start?"

Who Soc is the University of Warwick's official Doctor Who society. Whether you are new to the Doctor’s world, an occasional viewer or a lifelong Whovian, everyone is welcome to join us as we celebrate over 60 years of time and space. 

With the return of showrunner Russell T Davies and the dawn of a new era defined by the BBC-Disney partnership and Ncuti Gatwa’s dazzling Doctor, it is a very exciting time to be a Doctor Who fan - and a Doctor Who society - and we hope you will come along with us for this new chapter of the show.

 Who Soc meets every Friday of term from 6.30pm to 10pm in the Social Sciences building. At these Friday events, we order a takeaway and screen the episodes which have topped our weekly themed poll, meaning we watch what you want to watch. Typically, the votes fall so that we watch a Classic story and a NuWho story. Once a term, we dedicate one week to screening episodes from the spin-offs.

As well as our Friday events, we offer additional events across the term. These have typically taken place on Wednesday evenings and have included but are not limited to…

  • Our popular termly Quizzes where you get the chance to test your Doctor Who knowledge and have a good laugh. These fun quizzes encapsulate both Classic and NuWho. Questions vary in difficulty but even the hardest questions are guessable. Previous quizzes have included questions on Doctor Who music, character anagrams, behind the scenes: true or false, spot the difference, name the episode from the image, and absurd detail questions such as, how many times is ‘Gilbert’ said in The Happiness Patrol and which hand does the Tenth Doctor lose in The Christmas Invasion?

  • Games Nights including Doctor Who versions of trivial pursuit, UNO, Kahoot!, Skribbl.io and more.

  • Light-hearted Debate Nights where people argue for and against entertaining Doctor Who statements, like Amy didn’t deserve Rory, odd-numbered series are better than even-numbered ones, and the Fifth Doctor’s biggest personality trait was wearing a vegetable.

  • All-Dayers or All-Nighters where we come together for the ultimate Doctor Who marathon. We screen episodes of both Classic and NuWho from either 10am to 10pm (All-Dayers) or 7pm to 7am (All-Nighters). Can you make it all the way from the beginning to the end of the event?

  • PowerPoint Nights where you have the opportunity to present a PowerPoint on any area of Doctor Who you want. Past PowerPoints have been on the UNIT dating controversy, David Tennant’s hair, and why Jackie Tyler is the real hero of the show - to mention a few.

  • Doctor Who’s Birthday Party to celebrate the show’s anniversary, complete with Pin the Tail on the K9, Pass the Parcel, a mini quiz, Doctor Who music and party food.

Another component of Who Soc is our live episode screenings. We invite you to experience every new episode of Doctor Who (released in term time) live with us - 'live' in this new era of streamed Doctor Who meaning at the time of the BBC One Saturday evening broadcast - and we always endeavour to book a campus room with as large a screen as possible to ensure a cinematic viewing. We also screen Doctor Who: Unleashed live after each new episode.

Who Soc is run by a friendly exec of five and overseen by our cardboard cutout mascot Terrance, the Supreme Dalek from The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End. The society is an inclusive, diverse, fun and safe space, filled with many laughs, where friends have been made and where future housemates have met. If you love Doctor Who or are wanting to take your first step into the Whoniverse, Who Soc is the place for you.

Your cosmic joyride awaits.


The Who Soc Exec:

President – Andi

Vice President/Secretary – Alex

Treasurer/Social Secretary – Luc

Welfare Officer - Finn

Publicity Officer - Sam 


The Who Soc Discord: discord.gg/HYCRZrM

Exec Membership

Who Soc - President

Who Soc - Treasurer

Who Soc - Publicity Officer

Who Soc - Secretary

Who Soc - Social Sec

Who Soc - Welfare Officer


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