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Warwick Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society

Who are we?

WHKPASS (Warwick Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society), founded in 2010, is one of the earliest PASS in the UK. We are now part of a large community with more than 20 HKPASS societies from other top British universities, forming a close network for Hong Kong students studying at different universities to connect with each other.

What do we aim?

"Knowledge and Action" 

- our society's motto

(1) Promote awareness of public affairs both in Hong Kong and in the UK;

(2) enhance knowledge of the historical and contemporary Hong Kong related issues; 

(3) contribute to the community through social services;

(4) collaborate with other HKPASS and other societies within the University of Warwick to provide a networking platform for all Hong Kong students studying in the UK; and 

(5) providing a rewarding and fun experience for our members. 

What do we do?

We have constant collaborations with other HKPASS society and together we host a wide range of inter-Pass events. They are amazing opportunities for gaining skills and developing knowledge, meeting new friends from other universities, traveling around England and, most of all, having fun at the same time! In the previous academic years, we have participated in different inter-PASS events such as:

Running Bath

Birmingham Public Speaking

Cambridge Quiz

Warwick Debate Workshop

LSE Forum

Oxford Model Legislative Council

We have also hosted some exciting internal events such as: 

Weekly Discussion Forum

"One Country, Two Systems" Public Lecture

Interviews with Celebrities

Career Talks

Study Trips (Parliament, companies and etc.)

At the same time, we care about our community and that is why we also host volunteering events such as: 

Volunteering Trips: Niannam, Morocco, Romania, etc.

Charity Sales

Beach Cleanups

On top of all these activities, we also publish our own magazine Passtimes 

This is our official publication which contains articles written by our members and non-members on the topics ranging from politics and cultures to economics and business issues. It is an excellent opportunity for students in Warwick to voice out their opinions. We welcome all to write for us, regardless of your political stance, ethnicity......

Come join us!

Subcommittee members: 

We need your help to achieve our targets! At the beginning of each academic year, we will recruit some subcommittee members to help us with running the society and provide our future potential leaders an opportunity to learn from our different teams like event planning, marketing, administration, publication and etc. 

Other members:

For other members who just want to join our lovely events, relax! We invite every member to participate in our internal as well as the inter-PASS events. Stay tuned so that you wouldn't miss the chance!!!

Membership is valid for the entire academic year and gives you all sorts of benefits such as transport subsidies to competition.

How to contact us?

Like and subscribe to our Facebook and Instagram pages immediately for future updates!!! 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whkpass

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/warwickhkpass/

Should you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate and contact us at info@whkpass.org

Please also check our amazing website out for more news and information: http://www.whkpass.org/



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