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Warwick Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society

What is HKPASS?

"PASS" stands for Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society.  First founded in the LSE, PASS is established across UK's universities.

Vision and Mission

We aim at building a professional executive team and extend our member base to every discipline. We believe specialist, diversity, creativity, commitment and passion are keys to success.

We shall endeavour to:

(1) promote awareness of public affairs

(2) enhance knowledge of the historical and contemporary Hong Kong related issues,

(3) contribute to the community through social services

(4) collaborate with the other societies within and outside the University of Warwick

(5) help our members to succeed in the globalised world.


In the previous academic years, we have organized different activities including:
-  Weekly Discussion Forum
-  "One Country, Two Systems" Public Lecture
-  Interviews with celebrities
-  Joint University Debate
-  Volunteering Trip: Niannam, Morocco, Romania, etc.
-  Krispy Kreme Sales for Charity
-  Career workshops and a talk by the AO

On top of all these activities, we will also hold:
-  Seminars and high table dinner by celebrities
-  Social enterprise/ case study workshops
-  Commentary writing workshops
-  Study Trips (Parliament, companies and etc.)

Flagship Projects

- Warwick Asia Summit: The Warwick Asia Summit is the first and the biggest dialogue-based event at Warwick that bring all Asian students altogether in one single event. Our aim is to enhance cultural influx between local and international students through talks with a large variety of topics, panel discussions and cultural exchange.

- Charity Night: The annual Charity Night is a night of performances with representatives from various societies. Our principal aim for this concert is to fundraise for a Summer volunteering trip to Liannan, China, run by the society itself.

- 'Unity Academy' programme: The programme is supported by a number of companies in Hong Kong and is an exclusive and invaluable program, which includes lecture series, study trip, leadership workshops for our members to join.  

-  PASSTIMES: This is our official publication which contains articles written by our members and non-members on the topics ranging from politics and cultures to economics and business issues.

-  Officers: Our aim is to become the best amongst all similar societies.  Therefore, we demand a high-calibre team to achieve this goal.  We will provide future potential leaders an opportunity to learn from our different teams like event planning, academic development, corporate relations, marketing and etc. 

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