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The Warwick Chess Society provides plenty of opportunities for chess players to enjoy, compete, and socialize;

  • We cater to all levels from those learning how the knights move to chess masters wanting to participate at high level competitions.
  • Support is highly valued in our society which is reflected in the numerous opportunities to both receive and provide support within the context of chess.
  • We pride ourselves on having a diverse and engaged body of members who give our society a welcoming, relaxed, and enjoyable atmosphere.


Find Out More

For a more comprehensive description of what the chess society does, visit out website Feel free to like our Facebook page here. You can also keep up to date with our Instagram - @warwickchess.

If you have any questions, please contact the society by messaging our Facebook Page or by emailing us at



Executive Committee 2021-2022

Co-Presidents: Ziad Fakhoury & Chun Chiu

Vice President (Competitive Chess): Jonathan Fowler

Vice President (Casual Chess): Vikas Sajanani

Vice President (Publicity & Communications): Callum Doherty

Treasurer: Maria Giselle

Chairman: Taran Jina

Social Secretaries: Elvire Det & Liam Rai

Womens' Chess Officers: Mimansha Maheshwari & Vash Ravi

Outreach Officer: Ben McHugh

Online Chess Director: Jack Nolan

Training and Development Officers: Anuman Goel & Simeon Bott


Div 1: Joe Varley

Div 2: David Maxen

Div 3: Tom Campbell

Football: Andy Lin


Join This Society

Current students should purchase the Chess Standard Membership below.


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