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Mafia Society

Mafia Society

Join our discord server:

Join our Facebook group:   All posts are visible without joining the group, but if you join you will get notifications when a new post is published. If you have any problems joining the group, please email us at and we'll let you in.


Welcome to the Mafia Society at Warwick!

At the Warwick Mafia Society, we play a variety of social deduction games, such as Mafia, also known as Werewolf or Town of Salem. Typically, there are 2 main teams, one significantly larger than the other. The twist is, no one in the larger team has any idea who’s on their side and who’s secretly plotting against them.

The good guys must use perception, deduction and unique special powers to find the traitors, while the evil team misdirect the uninformed majority and turn them against each other. Are you a master detective? Do you think you could get away with murder? Or do you just want to sit in a circle with a dozen other people and enjoy the madness? Then the Mafia Society could be for you!

If you haven’t played these games before, don’t worry - beginners are always welcome. All of our sessions can be freely joined or left at any point during the evening, and we never charge admission to our events. Our usual sessions are held every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 7pm until late into the night. We also host lots of fun social events, like speakeasy mafia, society crossovers, all-nighters and trips to escape rooms!


How can I get involved?

We highly recommend joining our Discord instant messaging server (it’s free!) if you’re interested in getting involved with the Mafia Society. We use it to broadcast important announcements about the society, post calendars showing all of our events and links to useful resources online for playing a wide range of social deduction games. It’s a great place to just chat to other members of the society and is where we host our Mafia sessions when we can’t get together in person. Join our Discord server at

We also have a Facebook group, where we post all our announcements, copies of our calendar and Facebook Events for all of our special socials. You can find our facebook group here: If you have any problem joining our facebook group, please email us at and we'll let you in. 

We run in-person events throughout term-time, and we’re happy for anyone and everyone to come along and play for as long or as short as they’d like. Just find out where and when from our calendar and show up; one of our exec will be happy to find a game for you (Important note: due to Covid-19, all of our events have been moved online for the foreseeable future).


Frequently Asked Questions 

(use of Ctrl + F is highly recommended)

How do your sessions work? Can I turn up late?

Our sessions start at 7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and run until everyone has decided to leave, or we no longer have enough participants to continue. Before 10pm, we will almost certainly still be playing. Currently, all our sessions are taking place online via discord: When online, you can tell if the session is still going by checking whether there are still people in any of the voice channels on the discord server.

You can join our session at any time, but if you turn up after 7.10pm you may have to wait a bit before being able to join a game. When playing over discord, if you don’t want to wait around, you can ask an exec member to ping you when there is an open game you can join.

When you turn up to a session you should join the Welcome Lobby voice chat. Someone should be in there to help you and get you into a game. If not, send a message in the general text chat, and type “@Exec” somewhere in the message. This will send a notification to all the exec and someone will come help you out. We will try to start you with a game of mafia, but after that we’ll often give you a choice about what game you’d like to play. 

Beware: if you’ve played mafia before, we may play slightly differently but we’ll be careful to explain exactly how we run our games before you get started playing. 

Do I need to use a microphone/camera?

After experimenting with using video at sessions, we’ve found having video better replicates the feeling of in-person Mafia. However, there is absolutely no requirement to have a camera on, and many members choose not to. We would recommend using a microphone as most players do, but if you’d prefer to only use text you are welcome to do so and players have done this successfully at previous sessions. You will still have to join the voice chat (with your microphone muted) to hear other players, and it may be a challenge to keep up with the pace of the game while typing. Each game channel has an associated text channel you can type in, which players will have open.

What if I’ve never played before? How do you play?

New players are always welcome at any session, not just the first few weeks of term 1. We regularly have new players turning up to our standard sessions throughout the year. We will happily explain the rules and keep your first few games simpler to help you understand how to play. We find that a short explanation followed by actually playing is the best way to get a grasp on the game, rather than reading a long list of rules beforehand. 

If you’d like some extra reading (definitely not necessary):

  • In #resources (a channel in our discord server) you will find a document with a short description of how we play mafia (and some other games we regularly play)
  • is a website primarily focused on forum games, but has many useful resources which apply to playing in-person (including via discord)
  • List of the main roles you are likely to see in our standard games:
  • Longer list of roles - not all of these are regularly used, but some are society favourites:
  • Very long list of roles - most of which aren’t used at Mafia (though if you really love a role, feel free to suggest it for a game in the discord #suggestions channel):

Do I need to be a member of the society/ do I need to pay anything?

In short, no. We don’t stand at the door of our sessions checking everyone coming in has membership and you don’t need membership to be in our discord server. The primary reason you may want membership is to vote in the elections for our new exec committee at the end of Term 2, or even to run for a position yourself.

What games do you play?

At every session we will probably play at least one game of mafia. After that, we usually ask the group what they would like to play. We play a variety of games via discord, including: A Fake Artist Goes to New York, Spyfall, Avalon, One Night Werewolf, Codenames, Among Us and of course, Mafia. We are also working on adapting other games so that they are playable over discord. 

Here is a list of the board games currently owned by the society:

  • Deception: Murder in Hong Kong + Undercover Allies Expansion
  • Two Rooms and a Boom
  • One Night Werewolf + Expansion packs (Vampires, Aliens, Superheroes and Ultimate)
  • Bang the Dice Game
  • Bang the Card Game
  • Saboteur 1 and 2
  • Secret Hitler (re-skinned as Secret Godfather)
  • Coup
  • Avalon (aka Resistance)
  • Mafia de Cuba
  • Masquerade
  • Witch Hunt
  • Camel Up

Can I mod/moderate a game?

In term 1 we are generally very busy hosting lots of new people. Once the number of new people attending is lower, we’ll be happy to help you moderate a game. To get started, message an exec member expressing interest in moderating. We will probably pair you with an experienced moderator, who will check the set-up you wish to run is balanced, or give you one to use. Once we’re happy that you know what you’re doing, mention during a session that you’d like to moderate that evening and we’ll see if there’s a group you can mod for. 

Who are the exec?

The society is run by an executive committee of current Warwick students, elected by the members of the society at the end of Term 2. The exec for 2021/22 are:

  • President: Bayley Cartmell
  • Treasurer / Diversity Officer: Emily Roberts
  • Secretary / Media Officer: Ed Jackson
  • Welfare Officer: Eluned Miller
  • Social Secretary: Calum Reilly
  • Health and Safety / Equipment Officer: Ollie Holmes
  • Honorary Exec: TBD

I have a suggestion/concern/feedback. Where should I send it?

If you have a suggestion, you can mention it in #suggestions (text channel in our discord server). If you make a suggestion there, or directly to an exec member, we will get back to you with a summary on the exec discussion. If you would like to make your comment/suggestion/feedback anonymously, you can submit it via this google form: It is checked at the end or our exec meetings which take place at 9pm on Mondays. Feel free to sit in on the meeting or check the minutes afterwards to see how we respond. 

We have an anonymous welfare form for any welfare related concerns, you should use it to submit: welfare suggestions/feedback, issues concerning specific society members or exec members, issues during events and other. You can access it via this link:

You are also free to privately message an exec member with your concerns, but please note that they may not have welfare training. 

Do you have any other events?

We do! Check out our calendar for our events coming up soon. We normally release a calendar at the beginning of each term and again at the beginning of the holidays. Some examples of events we have run include:

  • Wacky Games Night - Instead of social deception games, we play some silly, often nonsensical, always hilarious games, including Jackbox party packs, Articulate, Skribblio and more!
  • Speakeasy Mafia - An extra session of mafia on a Saturday night. Bring along a drink, alcoholic or not - we'll run games like we normally do but we may get a little more creative with the roles and set-ups
  • Mafia Society Quiz - A mixture of custom mafia themed quiz rounds and your classic general knowledge style questions 
  • All-Nighters - Exactly as it sounds! Instead of heading home at a measly 3am, we try to play mafia and other games for a full 12 hours (no pressure to stay for the whole mafia marathon!)
  • Trips to Escape Rooms - The society takes a trip to some local escape rooms and split into groups to try and solve the series of devious puzzles within the time limit
  • End of Term Meals - A very relaxed evening - we head to a local restaurant and spend a few hours chatting and laughing about everything that happened this term, usually followed by a normal session of mafia 

What is forum mafia?

Forum mafia is a long form of the game played over several days, often weeks. Instead of communicating verbally, players make text posts on a forum. To look at some examples of forum games you can read our previous games on our forum:

You guys use a lot of strange terms like open/closed set-ups, bussing, band-wagoning and buddying. What do all these mean?

Sorry if we confused you! When there are new players in the game we will always try to explain these kinds of terms if we use them (or avoid using them at all) but sometimes we might forget. Feel free to interrupt the person talking and ask them what they mean. They’ll probably apologise, and then happily explain what they are going on about. If you don’t want to publicly ask these questions, feel free to direct message one of the exec (discord or facebook), or tap us and ask (in-person).

You could also look up the term at this link:

How are you playing games during Covid-19?

We’ve moved all of our sessions online to be played over discord: We plan to return to in-person sessions when it is deemed safe to do so, following government and WHO guidelines.

I have a question not listed here, who should I ask?

Any member of the exec would be happy to answer your question. Feel free to message a particular member of the exec via discord, or ping the exec team using “@Exec” in the #general discord channel. Alternatively, send an email to the society email address and we'll get back to you asap.







Upcoming Events

Welcome Week: Mafia session
28th September 6pm - 10pm
Oculus OC0.01
Mafia is a social party game modelling a battle between 'the mafia' and the innocent villagers of the town. Don't worry if you've never played before, we'll guide you through it!
Welcome Week: Mafia session
30th September 6pm - 10pm
Chancellors' Room 1
Mafia is a social party game modelling a battle between 'the mafia' and the innocent villagers of the town. Don't worry if you've never played before, we'll guide you through it!
Welcome Week: Mafia session
2nd October 2pm - 6pm
Oculus OC0.01
Mafia is a social party game modelling a battle between 'the mafia' and the innocent villagers of the town. Don't worry if you've never played before, we'll guide you through it!


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