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Mafia Society

Mafia Society


  Welcome to the Mafia Society at Warwick!

We are the society on campus dedicated to playing social deception games! We play Mafia, board games like One Night Werewolf, Secret Hitler and Avalon, and many more games in our collection in which lying and deceiving are the ultimate aim. When term ends, we run forum mafia (like play-by-mail) and shorter games on Discord. Don’t worry if you haven’t played these games before - beginners are always welcome.


We also host lots of fun social events, like drunk mafia, society crossovers, all-nighters, and trips to escape rooms.



What is mafia?


Mafia is a social party game modelling a battle between the evil mafia and the innocent villagers of the town. In the most basic version of the game, each player is secretly given a role: they can be mafia, who all know who each other are; or a villager, who knows only the number of mafia. During the night phase the mafia covertly ‘murder’ a villager. During the day phase, the surviving players debate the identities of the mafia and vote to eliminate a suspect. The game continues until all the mafia have been eliminated, or until the mafia outnumber the villagers. We commonly design and run our own setups too, in which we add brand new roles and game mechanics; anyone can moderate and try out their ideas.

Don't worry if you've never played before! We'll be sure to guide new players through the ins and outs of the game to make things easy for you. Each game on average lasts around 25 minutes.





We have regular sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Humanities, at 7pm.

Check out our facebook group for details on events and socials:

Also join our Discord:


The Family (Exec Team) - Contact us if you have any questions.

Godfather (President) - James Craster

Consigliere (Treasurer) - Emily Roberts

Underboss (Secretary/Equipment Officer) - Bayley Cartmell

Jbdavies15 (Social Sec) - Joseph Davies

Black Hand (Health and Safety) - Matthew Reddy

Buddy (Equal Opportunities) - Humzah Khan

Mafioso (Honorary) - Kate Lynham 

Corleone (Honorary) - Tom Hilbert


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