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Gaana Dance Society

Warwick Gaana Dance Society

Gaana Dance Society





Warwick Gaana Dance Society is perhaps the first-of-its-kind across universities in the UK and one of Warwick University’s newest societies from 2014 onwards. Warwick Gaana Dance was created as a result of the success of "The Machis", a dance group of four students within the university that gained popularity after winning the "People's Choice" award at the "Warwick's Got Talent 2014" competition. The group's enthusiasm to pass on its knowledge of the dance form led to the formation of the society. In its first year, members  of the  society were priviledged to perform in various shows such as Showbiz, Pizazz, TEDday, One World Week Fashion Show and many more. Notably, we participated in Kings of Gaana, a national University Competiton, and emphatically won the competition in 2017, being crowned the best Gaana Dance Team in the UK!




What is Gaana?

Gaana Dance is an energetic, expressive and upbeat form of street dance that originates from South India. It places huge importance on the folk genre, percussion beats and is often referred to as a symbol of celebration and festival. We envision to fuse with a variety of other dance styles, giving a wider appeal to students.

Aim and objectives

Warwick Gaana Dance’s main aim is to promote its dance style through performances and society-organised events, bringing students together and promoting leisure. 

As a society, we envision to achieve the following objectives:

  • Hold Weekly Classes: Designed for all abilities!! We hold classes every Tuesday from Term 1, from 7-9pm.
  • Socials: Not only do we love to dance but we love to have fun and chill! Regular meals, clubbing nights, drinks nights, games nights, and many more exciting socials, are really good ways to make new friends and be a part of the family!
  • Globalise Gaana Dance: Showcasing the dance to mainstream music to encourage students with different cultural background to partake in the society’s activities through collaborations with other societies.
  • Partake in General University Events: Events such as, Diwali Ball run by Warwick Hindu Society, ASOC Ball run by Warwick Asian Society and many other events at Warwick.
  • Partake in National University Competitions: Kings of Gaana, Western Thaalam, Thaala.






Prior to Warwick Gaana Dance becoming an official society, The Machis reached the hearts of Warwickers and now we have achieved tremendous success by:.

  • Partaking in the “Warwick’s Got Talent 2014” competition organised by the “One World Week” group, further winning the “People’s Choice” Award.
  • Collaborating with one of Warwick’s Biggest Societies, the Warwick Asian Society, to perform at its Annual Ball which hosted over 300 members.
  • Collaborating with other universities such as Birmingham to perform at their Mayuri Ball.
  • Selected and participated at Kings of Gaana 2014 and Kings of Gaana 2015, a national University competition.
  • Won Kings of Gaana 2017 and second place at Kings of Gaana 2018, making us one of the best university gaana teams in the country:

                  2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tngttRHQsxk&t=347s                

                  2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIJD9Bie5U4

                  2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8ou78aM0C8

  • Performed at the major Warwick University Event run by Warwick Tap Dance Society - Pizazz.
  • Performed in Warwick University's TEDx Conference.
  • Represented Warwick Gaana Dance Society and Warwick Tamil Society at Western Thaalam Decennium run by UKTSU.
  • Scouted for Britain’s Got Talent and the BBC competition "The Greatest Dancer".
  • Competed and won Southampton's Thaala 2017.

Executive Team 2022/2023


President: Sree Jaddu

Vice-President: Abhiraaj Sithambaram

Treasurer: Sai Suresh

Media and Communication Officers: Sanjeetha Pillay and Hishanth Letchimiganthan

Social and Publicity Officers: Gini Newman Antonyraj

Secretary: Thinesa Pushparatha

Social Media

Click on the buttons below to be directed to our Social Media pages and make sure you like and subscribe to our youtube channel and facebook page. ;)

Instagram: gaanagram

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Classes start from term 1 every Tuesday 7-9pm.



What does a membership entitle you to?

Free Classes

Performance Opportunities

Discounted Socials

Tonnes of fun


Special thanks to members of the Warwick Alumni and Founders:

Jay Patel, Vibeeshan Devarajah, Kohilan Amirthamoorthy, Anushanth Rajaram and Jiten Bhatia for their tremendous efforts and support to help GSOC set off as a society!

Join in on our journey to embrace the sensations of Gaana Dance!


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