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Warwick Mandarin Society

Warwick Mandarin Society

Warwick Mandarin Society is an English-based society that aims to build a bridge between Mandarin learners and native Mandarin speakers. We want to encourage people to learn more about Mandarin culture and language, whilst also providing spaces for Mandarin learners, near-natives and natives to all commune, practice and communicate and make connections with each other. For all our social links, click here.

Can I join?


Everyone is welcome to Warwick Mandarin Society, no matter where you come from or what language you speak. We basically use English and Mandarin throughout our events, as well as in Mandarin teaching.

If you love dumplings or pandas, come and join us!!

Can I learn Mandarin?


  • If you are complete beginners – totally fine! We have many absolute beginners just like you.
  • If you have already learned some Mandarin – we will have drop-in speaking sessions where you can practice and have chill chats using Mandarin/English - learners of all levels welcome!
  • We are also planning on having a buddy scheme to pair Mandarin learners with more experienced speakers and natives

What other events will we do?

Cultural events:

  • Tea tasting
  • Cooking workshop
  • Traditional Chinese painting
  • Mandarin film night
  • Restaurant tour

and more!

How will membership benefit?

For members, you will get discounted tickets and priority at limited availability events!

How do I get involved?

  • Become a member to receive our newsletters via email!
  • Join our Discord server at
  • Follow our Instagram @warwick_mandarin
  •  for socials
  • Don't be shy ;)


If you have any questions, our exec is always willing to help! Do not hesitate to message us on Instagram, discord or WhatsApp!


Exec Membership

Warwick Mandarin Society - President

Warwick Mandarin Society - Treasurer

Warwick Mandarin Society - Publicity Officer

Warwick Mandarin Society - Secretary

Warwick Mandarin Society - Social Secretary

Warwick Mandarin Society - Welfare Officer


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