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93% Club Warwick

93% Club Warwick

93% Club Warwick

Founded in May 2020, The 93% Club Warwick is a student-led society dedicated to improving the experiences of state-educated students at the University of Warwick. The society was created in response to the expressed need to voice the experiences of state-educated students at Warwick. While in the UK, 93% of students are state-educated, this statistic is substantially lower at Warwick, with state school students currently accounting for around 81% of our undergraduate student body (2020/21 student intake).   

The society aims to bridge the educational divide between state and private school students. We want to create a community where students feel welcomed at university regardless of their prior schooling and/or socio-economic background, and support students in achieving their post-university goals.

We are serious about social mobility, and want to facilitate greater social mobility by driving positive impact. In addition to hosting a wide array of panels, Q&As, webinars and workshops across the year, we also produce free resources designed to help state-educated students become more socially mobile (which can be found by accessing this link.)

Executive Committee

  • President - Kieran Barry
  • Vice President - Anna Crossan
  • Treasurer - Thalia Sheriff-Horner
  • Secretary - Maya Saunders
  • Publicity Officer - Steph Smith
  • Events Officer - Callum Dyer
  • Employability Officer - Nathan Stone
  • Corporate Officer - Olivia Millar
  • Outreach Officer - Mathew Stephenson
  • Research Officer - Miya Tailor
  • Speakers Coordinator - Joshua Hargan
  • Equalities & Welfare Officer - Ella Seear


To join us in levelling the playing field for students from disadvantaged backgrounds, get our free membership, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.




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