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Who We Are:

The University of Warwick Computing Society (UWCS) is free-to-join, and open to anyone with an interest in the field of computer science!

Established all the way back in 1979 (as far as we know), we have close ties to the Department of Computer Science, and a welcoming, inclusive community of students with a wide range of skills. We also have a wide network of industry speakers and alumni.

The Computing Society is one of the biggest and busiest at Warwick! We'll try to give you a idea of the things we do, whether that's academic, social, or gaming:



  • Industry Talks - We have a lot of industry connections, with past speakers including both graduates and guests from Google, LSEG, TPP, and IBM.
  • Student Talks - Who says we can't present our own talks? We host bi-termly sets of 15-minute lightning talks on a whole range of CS topics. If this sounds like something you'd want to try doing, we'd be happy to have you. Check some of them out on our YouTube channel!
  • Courses - New for this Academic year, we're offering a cross-society Python Course for beginners, and a hands-on Rust course if you feel more confident.
  • Programming Challenges - We participate in yearly events like Google Hash Code and Advent of Code, and also hold our own termly contests.
  • Support Sessions - Got an upcoming exam or coursework deadline? We're here for you! These can be organised on demand, so let us know if you're finding something tough.



  • Friday Night Gaming - Join us each week in the Department of Computer Science from 8pm until late for a well-deserved night of fun! We have a huge library of games across the latest consoles, and have repurposed all the lab computers to run Steam and a selection of DRM-Free games, without you needing to spend a penny. Oh, and we also have a Valve Index VR headset for you try out. If you want some good vibes and the opportunity to hang out with other people (who are probably also nerds), this is the place.
  • LAN - The answer to the question: what if Gaming was bigger and had a bunch more events and also ran continously for 48 hours and also I could bring my own computer? We run these once every term, and collaborate with other societies to make sure you have a good time.
  • WASD - Warwick's Awesome Speedruns & Demos is the largest student-run charity speedrunning event in the UK, and organised by us! Started in 2015, to date the event has raised more than £6,000 for SpecialEffect - a wonderful UK charity which aims to put fun and inclusion back into the lives of disabled people across the world.



  • Weekly Pub Meal (Monday) - Consider joining us for our weekly pub meal! A casual event where we meet up, chill and chat while enjoying some good food at a range of nearby pubs. For our end of term meal, we might go to some more exotic locations...
  • Nights Out - Whether it's Circling or Pub Crawl, Coventry or Leamington, you'll be in for a good time.
  • One-offs - From quiz nights to pizza making, BBQs to eurovision, and laser tag to touching grass, there's a lot we don't have space to mention.
  • Wildcards - We also host events exclusively for under-represented groups of the society, run by our inclusivity team.



Tech Services:

If you're a member of the society, we offer:

  • Free hosting for small, continuously running scripts, such as Discord bots.
  • Free hosting for web servers (just ask) - we already host a bunch of websites for other societies at Warwick.
  • A free 3D printing service. As long as you've got the models ready for print, we can do that for you.


Contact us:

The executive committee for the 2024/25 Academic Year is as follows:

The exec team as a whole can be reached at exec@uwcs.co.uk.


Keep in Touch!

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Exec Membership

Computing - President

Computing - Treasurer

Computing - Academic Officer

Computing - Gaming Coordinator

Computing - Publicity Officer

Computing - Secretary

Computing - Social Secretary

Computing - Technical Officer

Computing - Welfare Officer

Computing - Womens Officer


  • Constitution 2324

    Our constitution for the 23/24 academic year. This is both our agreement to SU rules, as well as a document describing our aims and exec roles. It's a pretty dull read, but all members can propose motions to change parts of it and affect how the society is run in future.

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