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The University of Warwick Computing Society is a free-to-join academic society open to anyone with an interest in computing, technology, or gaming.

We host weekly socials and gaming events, and twice a term we hold weekend-long LAN parties.

We also regularly run workshops, hackathons, and talks, with past speakers including Warwick graduates, and guests from Google, LSEG, TPP, and IBM.


Weekly Events:

  • Pub Social (Monday Evening): Join us for our weekly pub meetup! A casual event where we chat about all manner of things over a meal and a pint.
  • Academic Talk / Workshop: We always try to do at least one academic thing per week! This can cover a wide range of topics.
  • Gaming (Friday Night): Join us in the Computing Department (and online in Discord) for a night of Gaming! We have an extensive library of games, covering Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and more! Also available is a Valve Index (the latest virtual reality headset), and a number of computer terminals with access to a collection of DRM-free games and Steam.


Other Events:

  • We run weekly Academic Talks and Workshops each term, covering a range of computer science subjects such as computer security, network engineering, and opportunities for undergraduates.
  • If our late-night gaming sessions aren't enough, we also run LAN Parties, where you can bring in a gaming set-up and engage in jolly cooperation for an entire weekend! At the end of each year, we run the Summer LAN for an entire week!
  • We host WASD, an annual charity speedrunning event raising money for SpecialEffect. We've raised over £6000 since the event began in 2015.
  • You can also expect various one-off events and society collabs throughout the year. Whether that's hunting each other down in Laser Tag or Airsoft, organising trips to Bletchley Park and Insomnia, or even the tradition of booking out a room to watch Eurovision, we've got you covered.



  • Join the discussion on our Discord server! We cover everything from casual conversations, academic help, to organsing virtual gaming sessions.
  • We also have Web Server Hosting for all our members! If you'd like to host a website or database on a Computing Department server, please contact a member of our exec, either through Discord or the email addresses provided below.
  • We provide a 3D printing service to our members. Please contact our exec for more information.


Contact us:

The executive committee for the 2022/23 Academic Year is as follows:

The exec team as a whole can be reached at


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