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Bubble Tea Society

Warwick Bubble Tea Society

Bubble Tea Society











Welcome to the Bubble Tea Society, a place where students can come together to enjoy bubble tea and a whole host of other fun and creative events. Whether you’re boba obsessed or have never had bubble tea before at all, this is a perfect place for you to socialise with a friendly group of people, make friends and enjoy some good tea!


Join our Discord server to find out more! We also have a Instagram page
 Please don't hesitate to contact us on any of our social media sites with any questions or queries :)

Term 2 Events Timetable 2022/23

Every Thursday - Regular Happy Lemon & Oculus Meetups
We'll be meeting up at Happy Lemon at 6:30pm, and then heading
to the Oculus from 7:15pm onwards (alternatively join us at the Oculus
if you would prefer!) We'll always have a mix of games going on,
but some weeks will have special events, such as Treasure Hunts, Hide and Seek Tournaments and Rootes and Suits.

Week 1 - I-Tea DIY Boba Making
[Sunday 15th January]

Week 3a - T4 & Ice Skating
[Monday 23rd January]

Week 3b - Karaoke
[Saturday 28th January]

Week 4 - PJ Movie Night
[Saturday 4th February]

Week 5 - Trampolining & Tea Society
[Wednesday 8th February]

Week 6 - Als Gong Cha, Hello Vietnam & Real Ale Festival
[Saturday 18th February]

Week 7 - I-Tea & Laser Tag
[Sunday 26th February]

Week 8 - Alcoholic Boba Night
[Saturday 4th March]

Week 9 - Leamington Scavenger Hunt
[Saturday 11th March]

Week 10 - Birmingham Kitty Cafe & Boba Crawl + SHREK RAVE
[Saturday 18th March]


[This Timetable has been approved by Sirs William, Brian and Geoffrey Rootes.]


President: Sienna Siu

Secretary: Eoin Conway

Treasurer: Saami Jaffer

Media Officer: Poom Sripratak

Events Coordinator: Jiahao Weng

Publicity Officer: Grace Reeves

Social Secretary: Adam Qayyum


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