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Bubble Tea Society

Warwick Bubble Tea Society

Bubble Tea Society

Welcome to the Bubble Tea Society, a place where students can come together to enjoy bubble tea and a whole host of other fun and creative events. Whether you’re boba obsessed or have never had bubble tea before at all, this is a perfect place for you to socialise with a friendly group of people, make friends and enjoy some good tea!

What events do we do?

Bubble Tea Workshops
Throughout the term we have a variety of exciting boba do-it-yourself masterclasses, where our members have the chance to create their own tea from scratch! We have casual DIY workshops where you can create your own milk or fruit tea, add whatever toppings you want and use professional equipment which are used in bubble tea stores. We also have more specific workshops: like making tapioca from scratch or creating alcoholic bubble tea cocktails.

Bubble Tea Trips
With plenty of bubble tea shops scattered around Coventry, we often go on local trips to try out different shops and different tea flavours - we also provide our members with discounts for each shop! One of our most highly anticipated boba trip involves our yearly Bubble Tea Crawl in London, where we walk through China Town and try out numerous boba stores.

Social Events
BobaSoc has weekly social events which are all fun and unique! These include things like karaoke, laser tag, bowling, quiz and game nights! Additionally, we often have exciting collaborations with other socieities, especially societies relating to Food & Beverage.

Happy Lemon Socials
Every Thursday we go to the University's closest bubble tea shop - Happy Lemon! We meet there at 18:30, and after ordering boba we head to OC0.05 where we chill and hang out. This is a weekly event and a great place to make friends - we also bring boardgame's and have special events, like treasure hunts, mafia games or Hide and Seek.


Presidents: Joey Cartwright and Adam Qayyum

Secretary: Sienna Siu

Treasurer: Xiaolu Zhu

Welfare: Holly Xiao

Media Manager: Mo Khuraishi


Join our Discord server to find out more! We also have a Facebook page and Instagram page

 Please don't hesitate to contact us on any of our social media sites with any questions or queries :)


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