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Indian Society

Indian Society

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Warwick Indian Society is a non-profit organisation with over 400 members and counting. We are the biggest and most established cultural society on Warwick campus and have continued to grow through the years. Since its inception, the Indian Society has brought the diverse cultures and traditions of India to Warwick. 

We have organized several events like Diwali and Holi to celebrate the vivid culture of our country. These events have received rave reviews and been among the most popular events on campus. The Indian Society is the most prominent cultural society on campus and has something for everyone. Members are given opportunities to stage in several cultural performances and compete in different sports throughout the year. In addition to the above-mentioned events, the Indian Society strives to be more innovative and help our members strike a fine balance between adjusting to life in university while promoting core aspects of Indian culture and values. So come along and be a part of the biggest cultural society on campus. 

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Events we all look forward to are:

Diwali Ball
Meet and Greet Social
Icebreaker socials
Inter-society Cricket tournaments
Inter-society Football tournaments
Screening of Cricket matches
Screening of Bollywood movies
And many more socials and sports events

Please also visit and 'like' our Facebook page to stay informed about all our events.

We are looking forward to an exciting year with lots of desi music, food and masti with all of you!


For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the Warwick Indian Society Execs, either by emailing us, or using the details provided below:

Sahen Ahuja                                                    President
Anwesha De                                                    Vice-President   
Karan Shah                                                      Finance
Aryan Bhatia                                                   Secretary
Anushka Manglani                                          Secretary   
Shubh Mehta                                                   Marketing Head            
Siddhanth Natarajan                                      Marketing Head                   
Jhanvi Koolwal                                               Head of Events    
Lavanya Mogan                                              Head of Events
Ansh Chandna                                               Sports Head                 
Ishika Kataria                                                 Creative Head
Anushree Merchant                                       Creative Director                                   



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