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Formula 1 Society

Formula 1 Society


We're Warwick F1 Society, an ever-growing community of Formula 1 fans centred around inclusivity and our love for the sport! We watch the races in The Clarendon (Leamington) on Sundays every race weekend alongside our stacked socials calendar, regular talks by F1-related figures and the occasional trip away from the University. Whether you've been an F1 fan for years, or you just fancy trying out something new, come along and see what we're all about!


Exec Committee

President - Chinmay Bharatia

Treasurer - Arie Kuttub

Secretary - Nick Stephenson

Social Secs - Henry Tucker & Ria Sam

Publicity Officer - Katch Plain

Content Creation Officer - Will Biddles

Exec Membership

Formula 1 Society - President

Formula 1 Society - Treasurer

Formula 1 Society - Content Creation Officer

Formula 1 Society - Publicity Officer

Formula 1 Society - Secretary

Formula 1 Society - Social Secretary


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